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Best Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2024

Joseph Mapue

Joseph Mapue

Project management is in charge, in demand, and in a state of change. 

Because it spurs development and productivity, the field of project management (PM) is expected to generate 22 million related jobs from 2017 to 2027. And because more and more businesses increasingly adopt a project-based paradigm to achieve their targets, project managers enjoy a rather hefty take-home pay, with career sites and Glassdoor placing the role’s average annual salary in the U.S. at $83,584 and $84,955, respectively. 

But even more critical than the rosy career outlook and the plump compensation it fetches, project management is a field that cooks up a delicious mix of professional challenge, continuous learning, and personal fulfillment. After all, when your primary task is to lead diverse and talented people to make things happen, you can’t help but feel a tad awesome when a project gets completed to everyone’s desired specs.  

No wonder many professionals shift towards or are considering a career in project management. This, of course, creates healthy competition on the one hand and — on the other — a strong imperative to keep your project management skills sharp and always up-to-date. One way to do that is to read and learn from the best project management blogs. PM tools, technologies, and techniques evolve over time. That means your favorite app, tactic, or framework today may not be the one you’ll need tomorrow. 

To help you keep abreast of emerging trends, approaches, best practices, and most useful tips in the field, here are 30+ of the best project management blogs you might want to check out:

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Domain experts

1. Brad Egeland  

With more than two decades of project management experience and an entire wall of industry awards, Brad Egeland shares his insights on the field as well as actionable tips on how best to solve project-related problems. Reflecting Egeland’s domain authority, the site provides whitepapers, video series, templates, software reviews, webinars, and other resources. 

Years active: since 2009 
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2. Gina Abudi

Gina Abudi has worked with every type of business — from small startups to global enterprises — to manage projects, people, and processes. She has written several books on project management, delivered keynote speeches at industry events, and formed Abudi Consulting Group to share her expertise with ambitious businesses and organizations. While the site seems limited mainly to articles regarding resource type, Gina Abudi is joined by a host of other distinguished project management practitioners in authoring high-quality material. In addition to project management, blog contributors cover leadership, personal development, team building, and other topics.

Years active: since 2009
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3. Gunther Verheyen’s Blog (Ullizee)

best_project_management_blogs_ullizeeThis site is an excellent primer and resource library on the Scrum framework, complete with instructional videos, a concise glossary, posters, and motivational quotes that will remind you of Scrum values and keep you within the straight and narrow path of the Scrum methodology. Gunther Verheyen has been a Scrum practitioner since 2003 and is among the most widely sought-after authorities on the subject. 

Years active: since 2008
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4. Mike Cohn’s Blog

best_project_management_blogs_mike_cohnTake it from one of the foundational minds behind the Scrum framework. Among the founders of the Scrum Alliance, Mike Cohn helped create one of the most widely used methods in project management and software development. His blog on the topic has been up since 2005 and ranks among the most robust resources for scrum masters and professionals looking for practical tips on Agile-based project management.

Years active: since 2005
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5. PM Student

Need a quick reference on all things project management? This is a site where you can easily find necessary information, training, as well as quick hacks on a wide range of project management, career, and personal development topics. Run by domain guru Margaret Meloni, the site also features podcasts, courses, videos, and useful articles from other thought leaders.

Years active: since 2014
Recommended content (podcast): Introduction to User Stories

6. Bob Sutton | Work Matters 

best_project_management_blogs_bob_suttonThis website appears to lack content later than April 2017, with owner Bob Sutton stating that he’s considering running it as an archival library with just a smattering of updates now and then. That said, you can still discover a wealth of resources and a trove of practical advice from a best-selling author and thought leader who continues to introduce fresh insight into leadership, excellence, and project management. 

Years active: since 2006
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7. Susanne Madsen | Developing Project Leaders

Project leaders and members would benefit from the vast array of resources available on Susanne Madsen’s website. Aside from actionable articles, there are podcasts and instructional videos on a number of critical topics, such as project failure prevention, coaching, collaborative planning, and techniques for motivating different types of people. Susanne Madsen has served as a project leadership trainer and consultant for more than two decades. She authored several books on the subject, including The Power of Project Leadership. 

Years active: since 2011
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8. The Tao of Project Management

Melding a Taoist mindset with the structured field of project management might seem strange, but in the hands of John Carroll, the elusive sweet spot between getting things done and breathing in each moment appears to have been discovered. If you want to increase your focus and deliver high performance by practicing the wisdom of the ancients, then this unique resource site is for you. 

Years active: since 2011
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9. Project Management Hacks

If continuous professional improvement and lifehacks are your thing, then this blog hosts a ton of practical advice that can help you solve problems, accelerate your career, and deliver better project outcomes. Founded by project management expert Bruce Harpham, the blog publishes tips from other authorities on career and project management blog topics.

Years active: since 2014
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10. Project Management Basics

best_project_management_blogs_project_management_basicsAs the site name suggests, Project Management Basics is an online resource for professionals looking to become better project managers by getting the basics right. Founded by PM expert Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy, the site offers light as well as in-depth project management blog posts on leadership, best practices, and agile frameworks.   

Years active: since 2015
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11. The Lazy Project Manager

best_project_management_blogs_the_lazy_project_managerIf you find your project management responsibilities are already wreaking havoc on your personal life, then this blog may just be the thing you need. Founded by speaker and bestselling author Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager blog provides project management hacks, shortcuts, and innovative tactics to help you work smarter, not harder.   

Years active: since 2009
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12. Rebel's Guide to Project Management

Rebel's guideWomen in project management face unique, daunting challenges. They need bold and creative solutions that understand their individual contexts and articulate the message in their own voice and perspective. Created by Elizabeth Harrin, this blog — a treasure trove of confidence-building tips and strategic insight for project management professionals — is the answer thousands of women experts, leaders, and newbies are looking for.   

Years active: since 2006
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13. Project Bliss

best_project_management_blogs_project_blissIn project management, there’s no such thing as a smooth ride. There will always be bumps along the way and encountering major roadblocks is more the rule than the exception. Through Project Bliss, project management veteran Leigh Espy shares practical insight, actionable tips, and motivational content that will help you navigate project hurdles, lead your team to success with confidence and accelerate your career. 

Years active: since 2015
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Organizations and  communities

14. Age of Product 

Everything you need to know about Scrum, Agile, Lean Startup, and Kanban are curated in this unique resource site. Primarily developed to advance product innovation using Agile methodologies, the site has grown to cover allied topics such as corporate culture, product discovery, and organizational experimentation. The site features workshops, industry events, videos, and podcasts. It also publishes reviews of books, software, and other tools scrum masters and other project management professionals might benefit from. 

Years active: since 2015
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15. Capterra Project Management Blog

Capterra is a free online service that focuses on enterprise software solutions, making it easier for buyers to make purchase decisions and for vendors to showcase their products. Capterra publishes independent research and articles across hundreds of categories while also aggregating validated user reviews. Its blog on project management and allied topics cover subjects such as productivity, team management, and collaboration.  

Years active: since 2010 (blog)
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16. Green Project Management Blog

When a project and a purpose meet, you get collaboration for a cause. Green Project Management is an organization focused on integrating sustainability and value-based methods in the practice of project management. If you want to learn the best practices that will drive sustainable businesses in the future, then this blog is a crucial resource you need.  

Years active: since 2015
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17. Mind Tools

Mind Tools is a UK-based company that provides on-demand career advancement and learning solutions. The company blog publishes content on various topics such as productivity, leadership, team management, excellence, collaboration, and personal development. If you want to become a better project manager, then the blog offers tips, insight, and strategies to get you started. 

Years active: 1996 (company) 
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18. Project Smart

Purposely built as a resource site for project management, Project Smart is the ultimate destination for individuals planning to pursue a career in project management and for project managers looking to improve their skills, personality, and performance on all levels. In addition to helpful blog posts, the site offers white papers, books, glossaries, cheat sheets, flowcharts, and other resources. 

Years active: since 2000
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19. is a subsidiary of the Project Management Institute, the preeminent nonprofit organization that sets the standards and best practices in the field of project management. Given its DNA, curates high-quality materials and resources for PM practitioners. In addition to webinars and events, the blog explores relevant topics ranging from Agile and career development to scope management and virtual teams.

Years active: since 2012; since 2000 (as
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20. The Digital Project Manager

This site has everything project management professionals need to thrive in a digital economy — tool reviews, how-to guides, job posts, podcasts, and a healthy dose of humor. Formed in 2011 and serving a global audience, The Digital Project Manager is among the most robust resource sites in the field. Get timely insight and actionable tips on Agile, leadership, scheduling, change management, and more. 

Years active: since 2011
Recommended topic: How-To Guides For Managing Projects & Leading Teams


best_project_management_blogs_PM_tipsRegardless of your experience or current role, this site will be a great addition to any project management toolbox. PMTips provides nearly 2000 articles on a broad range of project management topics — from handy tools to smarter techniques. While the site's navigation leaves a little bit to be desired, the quality of the content is worth it.

Years active: since 2008 
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22. The.Project.Management.Hut

This blog covers a full array of topics and resources that can help project managers improve their playbooks and take their team’s performance to the next level. Running since 2007, the site brings together some of the most influential minds in project management to share tips and insight on issues such as risk management, requirements gathering and validation, project charters, and PM software.

Years active: since 2007
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Solution vendors


best_project_management_blogs_project_managers ProjectManager provides an online project collaboration software for teams. Their blog features subject matter experts who cover a wide range of project-related topics, including Agile, Gantt charts, vendor management, Scrum, productivity, and Six Sigma concepts. 

Years active: since 2012
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24. nTask Project Management Blog

nTask is an online task management platform that can help your team get projects done faster and better. The company’s blog provides useful content on productivity, collaboration, and project management in general. 

Years active: since 2017
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25. Paymo

Paymo is a project management software that uses a Kanban-style interface to give full visibility (hours spent, related costs, task status, etc.) to projects across their entire life cycle. Its related blog publishes fresh content on project management methodologies, leadership, freelancing, time tracking, budget monitoring, productivity, and other topics. 

Years active: since 2014
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26. PM Box from Genius Project

PMBox represents the blog component of Genius Project, a developer of project management software for enterprises. Aside from project management topics such as time optimization, best practices, and task management basics, the blog also provides templates and in-depth how-to guides. 

Years active: since 2010
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27. Easy Projects: Project Management Blog

Easy Projects is a project planning software that makes it easy to plan, monitor, and complete projects. The online service’s related blog publishes articles on a variety of project management topics, including methodologies, real-world case studies, best practices, and emerging trends. 

Years active: since 2010
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28. TaskQue Blog

best_project_management_blogs_task_que_blogTaskQue is a software solution designed to help professionals manage tasks and projects better. Its related blog covers several topic categories, including productivity, leadership, work style, and entrepreneurship. The blog also publishes interviews, infographics, and lessons on project management.   

Years active: since 2016
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29. Wrike Blog

Wrike is a software development company that builds productivity solutions for teams. Their online project management service helps professionals achieve higher levels of collaboration, productivity, and success faster and more efficiently. In addition to project management, the company’s blog also covers leadership, marketing, collaboration, and productivity.

Years active: since 2006
Recommended article: Critical Path Method: A Project Management Essential

30. Yodiz Project Management Blog

Looking for a robust library of Agile resources? The Yodiz Project Management Blog provides a well-curated library of project management content designed for all proficiency levels: from basic learners to advanced PM practitioners. Learn the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum software development, or discover fresh tips on how to optimize sprints, kanbans, and lean philosophy in your organization. 

Years active: since 2012
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Other resource sites

31. GoSkills | Project Management Articles & Resources - The GoSkills project management resource center covers project management trends, step by step tutorials, templates, webinars, and expert advice. GoSkills also offers self-paced online project management courses designed by award-winning instructors. Course topics range from the basics for those starting out, to preparing you for the sought-after PMP certification and Agile Scrum roles. You can earn professional development units (PDUs) from all GoSkills project management courses.

32. Project Management for the Masses - Created by Cesar Abeid, this website hosts articles, lessons, podcasts, and resources for project managers.

33. Drunkenpm - Up and running since 2006, Certified Scrum Trainer Dave Prior owns this site. The site features articles, podcasts, and interviews with top luminaries in project management and business leadership. 

34. Project Accelerator News - This site keeps you updated with emerging trends, practices, and mindsets in project management.   

35. Venngage - While it's not solely dedicated to project management, this site has a number of high-quality articles, templates and infographics to help you with your project management needs.

36. G2 Crowd | Best Project Management Software - this resource features real user reviews of the most popular project management software, and key features of each software listed so you can make the most informed decision on what is best for you.


Project management is a dynamic field that has become crucial to the success of businesses, regardless of scale or industry. It has also become highly competitive, compelling practitioners to acquire the right certifications, keep updated with industry developments, and hone their skills relentlessly. 

Baseline project management knowledge is no longer enough. Only project leaders with business acumen, people skills, field experience, and tactical proficiencies will remain relevant in the market. 

The best of them will stay on top of change and complexity. One easy way to do that is to follow the right project management blogs for revisiting fundamentals, exploring what works, and discovering fresh ideas. 

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