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Meet Genie: Our New AI-Powered Course Authoring Tool

Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown

We’re excited to share that after a successful beta launch in May 2023, GoSkills has now made Genie available to all GoSkills LMS users!

Genie is an AI-powered content assistant helping businesses create custom training courses with greater ease and efficiency. This new solution uses the latest in generative AI technology to simplify the course creation process, allowing businesses to quickly train their employees on any topic.

After prompting with just a few questions, our AI-powered content assistant can generate a course summary, course outline, and lesson content appropriate for your audience. As an administrator, you can specify how long you want your custom course and lessons to be, and can even ask Genie to generate quiz questions that will test your learners’ grasp of the lessons.

Before launching Genie, we noticed some hesitancy around using AI to create course content: some were concerned about it devaluing their work and skill. Says Bhavneet Chahal, co-founder of GoSkills:

The reality is that AI-powered tools are useful, and can help you produce quality content in less time if you know how to use them well, which is exactly what we show our customers with Genie.

Of course, Genie reminds all course creators to review and fact-check AI-generated content, to ensure the highest quality and confidence in the information businesses will provide their teams.

“Our belief is that AI-generated content is best used for drafting and idea generation. We see it as an amazing advancement to help people create their best work, and not as a replacement for the human eye. We encourage our customers to use their expertise and institutional knowledge to review and personalize all AI-generated content to ultimately create the best courses possible.”

Wanna take Genie for a test run? Book a demo with our team and start creating custom courses in minutes!


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Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown

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