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GoSkills Course Builder Wins the Cool Tool Award at the 2023 EdTech Awards🥳

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

The edtech sector is continuously evolving, and amidst this ever-changing landscape, the true innovators keep it up and truly thrive. Today, we beam with pride as GoSkills Course Builder, a product of such innovation, has risen to be recognized as a leader in this space.

We are thrilled to announce that our Course Builder has been recently honored with the Cool Tool Award in the Online Courses/MOOCs Solution category at this year’s EdTech Awards, run by EdTech Digest.

GoSkills Course Builder was awarded the Cool Tool Award at the 2023 EdTech Awards.

What are the EdTech Awards?

We can think of the EdTech Awards as the Oscars of the edtech world, as they are acknowledged as the world’s largest awards program dedicated to educational technology.

Brought to you by EdTech Digest, these awards recognize the most outstanding tools, leaders, and trendsetters that are transforming education through technology.

GoSkills Course Builder won the Cool Tool Award in the Online Courses/MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) Solutions category.

GoSkills Course Builder

GoSkills Course Builder really is a cool tool. Before, you would have had to be an instructional designer or another professional in the Learning and Development (L&D) space to create courses to train employees, and it typically took endless hours to do it.

Not anymore. Our innovative course authoring tool has been seamlessly designed to help you create high-quality, relevant learning content most efficiently.

From single resources to multi-lesson courses, there are plenty of formats through which you can deliver knowledge in the most engaging way possible. In a matter of clicks, you can add videos, files, infographics, quizzes, and various formats to captivate your learners.

GoSkills Course Builder
The GoSkills Course Builder allows you to create highly-engaging learning content efficiently.

And if you don’t have enough time to create these from scratch, we have a Template Gallery with course templates that you can grab and customize to tailor your unique needs without starting from zero. These templates are particularly useful when onboarding new employees or training them in popular and relevant topics such as cybersecurity or workplace health and safety.

GoSkills Course Template Gallery
Our Template Gallery features ready-made, customizable courses on popular topics that you can edit to fit your needs.

Wrapping it up

From its inception, GoSkills’ mission has always been to make learning fun and accessible. With our Course Builder, we’re sticking to this motto by empowering learners worldwide through high-quality education and making things easier for those in charge of delivering it.

We’d love you to see our Course Builder in action. Book a demo with our friendly Customer Support team. ✨✨✨

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Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

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