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It’s Time to Play: GoSkills is Now Gamified

Joni A. Powell

Joni A. Powell

The GoSkills learning platform has just rolled out a brand-new feature – gamification! We have integrated exciting elements of gameplay into our award-winning courses to make learning a more fun and engaging experience.

So, why is gamification so important in education?

Benefits of gamification in online learning

Gamification helps to supercharge the learning experience in various ways. It can: 

  • Make learning fun and engaging
  • Offer positive reinforcements to learners 
  • Help to improve learning retention 
  • Facilitate learner motivation 
  • Lessen learning anxieties
  • Provide real-time feedback 
  • Enable social learning 

These are only some of the ways this training method can prove beneficial to anyone’s learning experience. And that is why GoSkills has invested in gamifying our platform. This is our investment in you! 

How it works

For individuals:

We’ve got rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds for you. How can you get these precious stones? 

Simply grow your GoSkills net worth with coins when you achieve certain milestones in your courses (for example, finish a lesson or complete a course). The more coins you earn, the higher your status becomes. 

GoSkills gamification rewards

What can these stones get you? They automatically unlock free access to all our courses for days up to even a month!  

For businesses:

Gamification is now built into all courses in the GoSkills course library.

As your learners collect GoSkills coins and achieve their learning goals, you can set customized rewards for each status tier they unlock. For instance, if a learner achieves a “Ruby” status, you could award them free coffee for a week

GoSkills gamification dashboardYou can track learners’ progress through the courses with our robust yet easy to understand reporting and analytics. And guess what, these awesome new features come at no extra cost to you. 

So start now with the GoSkills award-winning LMS to create a fun, motivating, and engaging learning experience for your team with our new gamification features. 

Are you ready players? Let the games begin!

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Joni A. Powell

Joni A. Powell

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