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The NorQuest College Way: Making Personalized Learning and Student Diversity Thrive Together

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

You guys meet the diversity of our students. With such an extensive library, we can train students on both ends: those who maybe have a master’s degree and need an extra push and those who require skills development.

- Natalia Jimenez, Career Coach at NorQuest College.

NorQuest College is the largest and fastest-growing college in Edmonton, Alberta. With over 1,800 international students, it proudly embraces diversity and inclusiveness as core values.

But in an institution teeming with so much diversity, how can it be ensured that each student’s unique learning needs are met? Is it possible to adopt a personalized learning approach?

The answer is yes. By leveraging the capabilities and features of the GoSkills learning management system (LMS), Natalia built a customized training program that boasts more than 750 students, of which 300 are enrolled in GoSkills courses.

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Get to know the success story behind NorQuest College learning program

The challenge

Natalia works at the Career Centre and oversees Employment Certificate Training (ECT), part of NorQuest’s Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program. ECT focuses on equipping students with skills relevant to the Canadian job market, aiming to help them strengthen their resumes and increase their employability.

Typically, the students in this cohort aren’t fully proficient in English and sometimes lack digital literacy. However, in their native countries, they would have earned a degree and developed advanced skills in their mother tongue. So, a key question arose.

How can you effectively train, on the same platform, students who initially lack digital literacy, and those who, having already mastered advanced skills, now need to develop additional competencies relevant to the Canadian job market? That’s when I came across GoSkills and I loved it.

The solution

Natalia tried the platform both as a learner and an admin and was delighted with it. She highlighted four main aspects that made her promote GoSkills with her team and eventually go for it as their training ally:

  1. Combination of an extensive library of comprehensive courses with an exceptionally user-friendly interface.
  2. Ability to customize the training.
  3. Robust reporting capabilities.
  4. Outstanding customer support.

Are you curious about how Natalia harnessed the power of these features to develop a successful training program? Download the full case study to learn the success story behind NorQuest College and discover three valuable insights that can be adapted to enhance your organization’s training initiatives.

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Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda manages GoSkills' social media channels and enjoys writing content whenever needed. A cup of coffee and an early morning run is all she needs to have a great start to her day.