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How a Nonprofit is Leveraging the Power of Online Learning

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

When young people join Building Blocks Mentoring Program (BBMP), we must fulfill one goal: to make them fall in love with learning. If we accomplish this, we’ve accomplished our mission.

These wise words come from Tierre Wright, the program director at Building Blocks Mentoring Program (BBMP). BBMP is a non-profit organization that provides at-risk youth with mentorship to boost their education, social development, and self-awareness.

Tierre's efforts are responsible for providing BBMP students free access to GoSkills online courses, and establishing partnerships with potential organizations whose members might benefit from this training.

The success of BBMP's training programs relies heavily on a couple of essential factors, personalized learning being one of them. By leveraging GoSkills Learning Management System’s (LMS) features, Tierre has created customized training plans for each student, increasing their chances of landing a job where they can unlock their unique talents and potential.

Another key to their success has been the commitment to making learning a consistent and enjoyable experience. Tierre had tried our platform and noticed early on that, besides GoSkills’ bite-sized and gamified learning approach, one thing that made him stick to his learning goals was the powerful sense of accomplishment our certifications gave him.

I love when I get a certification, and one thing that motivates me is to see my score. That way, I’m always pushing myself to score high.

goskills-leadership-trainingEarning a certification can be a pivotal moment for learners, because it gives them the initial motivation to work towards completing even more courses. Especially when they know these certifications can be the keys to unlocking countless professional opportunities, as prestigious institutions like the CPD Certification Service and Project Management Institute (PMI) accredit them.

Throughout the last year, BBMP has enrolled over 150 learners in almost 360 GoSkills courses, and they are on their way to creating custom courses for their recently launched Building Blocks Sports Group program. To achieve this goal, they will use the GoSkills Course Builder, an authoring tool that helps create custom, engaging learning content in as little as a few minutes. 


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Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda Castro Jorge

Maria Fernanda manages GoSkills' social media channels and enjoys writing content whenever needed. A cup of coffee and an early morning run is all she needs to have a great start to her day.