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Frequently asked questions

How will I be compensated?
We compensate instructors based on the number of lessons you create. You decide the syllabus and number of lessons for your course, and we pay you on a 'per lesson' basis. We pay in full upon delivery of the course content.
What type of content would I create?
Each GoSkills course is broken down into short lessons. Each lesson consists of a short 3-5 minute video tutorial, exercises, 3 multiple-choice quiz questions and a short reference guide outlining what you covered in the video. Your content will be business-focused, designed to help learners master practical skills they can apply to be more productive, keep their knowledge up to date, and advance their careers.
How will GoSkills help?
The GoSkills Content Team will guide you through the content creation process. We provide a dedicated Editor to help with the written content and to provide you with early and regular feedback.
How long does it take to create a course?
This really depends on you and your schedule. Once you get started, we estimate that it takes approximately 1-2 hours to create a lesson.
Can I create more than one course?
Yes! In fact, we love instructors with a broad range of skills and expertise so that we can keep working with you in the long term.
Who will see my course?
GoSkills reaches over 458,378 professionals, business people and lifelong learners in over 100 countries.
What qualifications and experience do I need?
We like to work with experienced instructors, who already have their own course content available. Additionally, if you have received relevant awards or certifications, you will certainly get our attention.
How do I get started?
Apply as an instructor and one of our editors will be in touch to work with you to help you create a short audition video.

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