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GoSkills Launches Online Course Templates for LMS Users

Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown

GoSkills for Teams recently introduced a brand new feature exclusive to our learning management software (LMS) users: the GoSkills Template Gallery! 

In 2022 we brought the GoSkills Course Builder to our business customers, allowing them to create custom courses for employee training and onboarding that perfectly suited their organization. In the process, we also found that many teams had common needs when it came to educating their staff. Things like: data privacy awareness, how to set up a remote work environment, and mental health awareness for employees. 

Additionally, some teams simply needed a starting point to take the guesswork out of course creation, without losing the ability to customize the content as needed.

GoSkills course template gallery

Now, GoSkills has launched more than a dozen ready-to-go template courses like ‘Onboarding for Customer Service Representatives’, ‘Harassment & Bullying Prevention’, ‘Cybersecurity Fundamentals’ (and more), allowing teams to modify existing training materials and create customized courses in record time.

We’re excited to launch easy-to-use course templates, which will allow anyone to create a course within minutes! I believe that offering course templates that are customizable and adaptable to any organization’s internal policies or culture is a game-changer.

- Bhav Chahal, GoSkills co-founder.

Chahal adds, "This will empower organizations to create high-quality internal training quickly and effortlessly."

Expect even more innovative features for the GoSkills LMS in the pipeline! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so feel free to write in to to share your experience and send a request if you’d like to take our Course Builder and Template Gallery for a spin.

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Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown

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