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Productivity apps are like shoes to a runner: a tool to help you get where you are going. And you need to find the right fit before you start to see results.

In this Todoist course, you will learn how to unleash the power of this popular task management tool to stick to your goals, manage your deadlines and boost your productivity.

There’s nothing more satisfying than checking off your to-do list tasks as “done”. Start learning how to build productive habits today with the GoSkills Todoist course!

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create tasks and sub tasks
  • Set due dates and reminders
  • Organize and prioritize your tasks
  • Use the Todoist inbox and Next 7 Days views
  • Create, format and share projects
  • Create and edit labels and filters
  • Manage team projects
  • Best use Todoist for students, professionals and small businesses
  • Create Todoist templates

Who this Todoist course is for: 

  • This course is suited for anybody who wants to get the most out of Todoist and learn how to use it to be more productive, whether you are a student, business professional, entrepreneur or using it for personal tasks. 
  • The course features the web interface of Todoist, and is applicable to both Windows and Mac.

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Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are here to help with any course related inquiries.

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Skill level: Beginner
Certificate: Yes
Lessons: 30
Accredited by: CPD
Pre-requisites: None
Video duration: 1h 56m
Estimated study time: 15h for all materials

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Introduction to Todoist

Todoist is one of the fastest growing task management platforms in the world. Available on many platforms, Todoist provides users with a way to tally up their to-do list, manage projects and coordinate their next move. 


Why Use Todoist?

Exploring the many capabilities of Todoist and how you can use it in your daily practice to get things done. Uncovering the full feature set and working out whether it is suitable for your type of work. 


Creating Your First Task

Everything starts with your first step. You'll create your own task and understand how a task works. From there, you can begin to understand the context and where is best to store your initial tasks before you organize them into projects.


Due Dates

Adding a due date to tasks will help to manage deadlines and workload for your upcoming week or month. The ability to add recurring due dates helps to create habits and produce better results when it comes to remembering regular, routine activities. 



Creating reminders in Todoist is one of the best ways to keep yourself in the loop with your next task or a task that you don't want to forget. Reminders can come in the form of emails, SMS messages or even mobile push nudges to keep you on the latest task. 



Sub-tasks help to break down important tasks. Checklists help to make things more approachable, from shopping lists to planning your next work project. 


Text Formats

Creating text-formats is one of the many ways to customize your tasks inside of Todoist. With a big list in front of you making things easier for your eyes will help to determine important tasks or useful links to use. 


Priority Levels

Using priorities to plot out the most important tasks and the least valuable to-dos will help to determine what to channel your focus on inside of Todoist. 


Sharing a Task

Exploring the ways you can share an individual task between professionals or friends by using Todoist's project sharing function and sharable tasks. 


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Intelligent Input

This smart detection function allows you to input tasks with due dates, projects and priority levels. Perfect for adding tasks on the go! 


Using the Todoist Inbox

The Todoist inbox is perfect for capturing new tasks and organizing them into projects for later. The inbox is the hub for a lot of activity inside of Todoist and a great way to filter tasks that are most important to complete next. 


Create a Project

Projects are a core part of the Todoist experience. They help us create projects for managing with teams or loved ones. Projects can help us achieve goals and organize our next tasks in order. 


Formatting Projects

Projects are the perfect hub for all your lists, goals and activities once you've set them all up. You can edit your projects even further to suit your needs. 


Sharing Projects

Sharing projects with team members and how to assign work.


Creating and Editing Labels

Create a list of labels to assign to your work.


Creating and Editing Filters

Define new filters with the labels you have created.


Managing Tasks

How to use Todoist as a simple task management system.


Managing Team Projects

How to use Todoist for assigning new work in a team.


Using Labels and Filters

How to effectively use labels and filters together.


For Small Businesses

How to optimize your use for your small business.


For Students

How to optimize your use of exams and work.


For Professionals

How to use Todoist as a freelancer or self-employed.


Next 7 Days

Planning in advance with the "Next 7 days" tab.


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Using Smart Schedule

Avoid snowballing with tasks by using smart schedule.


Using Todoist Search

Skip ahead or search for tasks and project.


Email Into Projects

Email any to-dos or items into Todoist projects.


Create Todoist Templates

Crafting your very own templates for later.


Adding Emojis to Projects

Adding a little colour to your to-dos with emojis.


Understanding Todoist Karma

Understanding Todoist's point reward system.


Course Summary

Wrap-up of this course all about Todoist.

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