New course release - Agile Scrum

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New course release - Agile Scrum

Originally used in the IT industry, Scrum can be applied beyond software development to any project that requires more flexibility than traditional project management. Scrum is the most popular Agile project management methodology, due to the value added to the business when team members work together to achieve a shared goal.

In traditional project management, a manager instructs an employee to complete certain tasks, and the employee follows the instructions. Scrum takes a more collaborative approach, by utilizing self-organizing teams. The project team members and Product Owner decide how much work they can realistically complete, and break the work down into 'sprints'. The Scrum Master sets a duration for the sprint, often one week or one month, for the work to be completed.

The Product Owner must step back to allow the team to do their work, and the Scrum Master is there to guide and help the team. There is no one person responsible for the success or failure of the project. The idea is that team members who have ownership of their work will be more motivated and empowered to complete their tasks to the highest possible standard.

You can learn more about the roles in Scrum in this video:

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