Watch the Agile Scrum Top 10 Tips webinar + free download

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Watch the Agile Scrum Top 10 Tips webinar + free download

Watch the webinar on demand

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Agile Scrum Top 10 Tips webinar! If you missed it live, watch below as certified Scrum Master, PMP and award-winning GoSkills instructor Ray Sheen shares his top ten tips on how your Scrum team can be more productive, efficient and deliver high quality results in your projects.

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Agile Scrum Top 10 Tips

  1. Dedicated means dedicated
    Take a few days between Sprints
  2. Agreement on the “Definition of Done”
    Describe details 
  3. Don’t forget Infrastructure stories
    For each story ask, “How?”
  4. Break apart stories into “one-day” activities
    Plan day-long micro-tasks
  5. Don’t compromise on the Scrum meeting schedule
    Make it easy
  6. Scrum Meetings are “status” only
    Work the boards
  7. Scrum Master and Product Owner run interference for the team
    Facilitate – don’t control
  8. Singular Product Owner
    PO has “advisory council”
  9. Scrum Master translates project into the standard PM Methodology
    Treat it like a roadblock
  10. Some projects don’t Scrum well
    Autonomous team; clear deliverables

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Get your free download of the top 10 tips slides as shown in the live webinar to keep these helpful tips and advice on hand when planning your next Scrum project.

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