New course release - Body Language

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New course release - Body Language

The Body Language course is instructed by world renowned media trainer and best selling author TJ Walker, who has worked with presidents of countries and made more than 1000 network TV and radio appearances. TJ has boiled down his years of experience into the most practical and useful tips to help you look and sound your best in any business situation.

If you dread the thought of giving a presentation, can't hide your nerves during meetings or clam up at networking events, improving your body language can play a part in closing that deal, getting promoted or being taken seriously in professional environments.

The ability to communicate clearly is an indispensable skill in any industry or walk of life. These practical tutorials will give you the know-how to overcome your nerves, polish your public persona and impress your clients and colleagues.

Special introductory offer

Body Language for $29 (Save over 70%)

Body Language and Public Speaking for $39 (Save over 80%)

Business Communications Bundle for $49 (Save over 90%)

The Business Communications Bundle includes:

Offer includes 12 months premium access to each course. Offer expires 31 December 2015.