6 Uncommon Ways to Use Evernote

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6 Uncommon Ways to Use Evernote

If you thought Evernote was just for jotting down occasional notes, you haven't scratched the surface of what this powerful organizational tool can do. In this post Natasha Vorompiova, Evernote Certified Consultant and award-winning GoSkills instructor, shares six uncommon uses of Evernote that will help you be more productive in a flash.

Make the Best of Evernote

When it comes to tools, the power is not in the tool itself, but rather, in how you use it. Evernote, which I often recommend as an all-in-one solution for running a business, can be used for far more than just business needs. For example, do you remember that awkward time at the doctor’s office? The receptionist handed you a clipboard with a stack of papers to update your information… but you didn’t have all of it with you. So, you called your spouse to get them to read you some numbers and send over a picture of your insurance card -- except they didn’t answer and you had to sort through archived emails to find the information.

Besides being inconvenient, situations like that waste your time and unnecessarily stress you out. However, when you have all of the information you need in one easy-to-access place, you’ll be able to spend your energy in more enjoyable and beneficial ways. To help you get started, here are six ways to use Evernote in your daily life.

Uncommon Ways to Use Evernote

1. Capture ideas on the go.

You can quickly create text notes -- thanks to the fact that Evernote is accessible on all devices both online and offline. But, have you tried audio notes and reminders for yourself? If your thought is lengthy or complex, use Evernote to capture a recording of it. Then you can set a reminder with an alarm for reviewing it or completing any of the tasks you may have mentioned. While you may use this at work for things like capturing product ideas or meeting discussion points, you can also use it for events like planning a party or remembering what you want to tell a friend later when you see her. This way, when inspiration strikes or there’s a to-do that keeps distracting you, you have somewhere productive to put it.

2. Collect gift ideas.

Regardless of whether we need gift ideas for our relatives or clients, it can be frustrating to come up with something on the fly. With Evernote, you can collect gift ideas all year around and pull up the list to choose from when necessary. What’s even better about this is that you can set reminders for important dates that correspond to gift-giving, like birthdays and anniversaries. Say “so long” to the days where you forget to send a card for a friend’s birthday or don’t have enough time to find the right gift.

3. Use your Evernote email address to subscribe to newsletters.

By using your Evernote email address, emails will appear within the app instead, keeping your inbox clutter free. You can find your incoming Evernote email address under Account Info in the desktop versions of Evernote, under Settings in Evernote Web, and in the Sync tab of Evernote for iPhone. Just don’t forget to set a reminder for yourself to review the new articles. You can set those reminders directly in Evernote.

4. Store information you need occasionally.

While none of us looks forward to emergencies or going to annual checkups, medical visits are a part of our lives, and with Evernote, we can always be prepared with the information we need. Keep snapshots of anything you don’t buy regularly but need to have records of, like tech parts or medication labels.

5. Save copies of important documents.

Save copies of your contracts, warranties, or certificates. Take photos of them or save them as PDFs and add them to Evernote. That way you have important information handy with you no matter where you go. In fact, with Evernote you can go entirely paperless. To make this even easier on you, create one master note to serve as a Table of Contents with links to all of your important documents.

6. Create lists of everything.

Keep lists for groceries, goals, to-dos, ideas, projects, people to keep in touch with, clients that you work with, your bucket list, etc. These lists will save you time by avoiding multiple trips to the store and critical pieces of a project. Plus, when you pair them with the reminder and alarm features, you can be sure that nothing will be forgotten.

Get creative! There are as many uses of Evernote as there are Evernote users. Now it’s your turn to put it to work.