Watch the Finance Fundamentals Top 10 Tips webinar

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Watch the Finance Fundamentals Top 10 Tips webinar

Even if your role is not finance specific, understanding the numbers underlying your work can help you make better decisions, and add value to improve your career prospects. Employers are increasingly seeking solid financial knowledge from employees in non-financial roles, particularly to be considered for management and executive positions. In the finance industry itself, global firms Morgan Stanley and Barclays actively recruit graduates without a background in finance to add a diverse perspective to their teams - but of course these candidates are still expected to get up to speed with the fundamentals of finance to really shine.

Pick up some helpful hints on how you can use financial information to make better decisions in the free Finance Fundamentals Top 10 Tips webinar, to become more effective in your current role or upskill for promotion.

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Strengthen your knowledge of finance fundamentals with business leader, project manager and author Ray Sheen. If you missed it live, watch below as Ray shares his top ten tips for non-financial professionals and entrepreneurs to understand and communicate key finance concepts, make sense of budgets and financial statements for better decision making, and improve team performance.

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Finance Fundamentals Top 10 Tips

  1. Timing versus Amount
    Timing is easier to manage than the amount.
  2. Keys to the Earnings Statement
    How you answer “Did you make money?” depends on what they want to know.
  3. Keys to the Balance Sheet
    Know where your money is and where it is going.
  4. Keys to the Cash Flow Statement
    Business strategy is revealed by where you spend and get your money.
  5. Judging Return on Investment
    If the cash don’t flow – the answer is NO!
  6. Budget Busters
    Don’t debate the numbers, debate the assumptions and constraints.
  7. Estimating Enablers
    Extrapolate the known, guess the unknown.
  8. Reserves and Buffers
    The size of the reserve should depend upon the size of the risk.
  9. Variance Drivers
    Not all variances are equal; know why it varied.
  10. Financial Reports are the Business Reality
    Right or wrong the finance story is what counts.

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Get your free download of the top 10 tips slides as shown in the webinar to keep these helpful tips on hand when you need them!

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