How to fully utilize Microsoft Access with these free tools

347 days ago 1 minute read
How to fully utilize Microsoft Access with these free tools

If you work with Microsoft Access, there are plenty of free add on tools that you can use to maximize your experience. Contact Template, Log Code and Property Reference and Analyzer for Microsoft Access are just a few.    

Contact Template – Everyone has contacts.  This tool will help you organize all those contacts.  You can gather information for each contact including names, addresses, websites, phone numbers, emails, birthdays and more.  You can associate contacts with other contacts and you can assign contacts to contact lists.

Log Code and Property References – With this tool you can easily find everyplace something is used in your database.  So, if you are asked to update every place in your data where a particular item is used, you can easily search by that item.  Everyplace that item is used will be pulled back into a table. From the table, you can filter and sort to analyze the data even further.

Analyzer for Microsoft Access – Get a handle on what is in your database with the Analyzer for Microsoft Access.  This tool will show you each table structure in your database.  You will easily see what indexes are defined, what relationships are set up and which fields are marked as a primary key.  It will let you see how many fields in your database have information, how many tables have records and much more. 

Listen to our Microsoft access award winning instructor, Crystal Long, and her colleague, Adrian Bell, discuss these free tools on MVP Tech Talk.  Demos and links to the free tools are provided to help you learn even more about Microsoft Access.