Watch the Public Speaking Top 5 Tips webinar

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Watch the Public Speaking Top 5 Tips webinar

Communication is a simple skill that will take you far in life. In fact, according to TJ Walker, best-selling author, public speaker, consultant, and teacher, “How you communicate is the number one factor in your success.”

Public speaking is a great way to grow your personal brand, which will in turn improve your career prospects and open the door to new business opportunities. Some of the most sought after public speakers earn large amounts of money giving speeches.

While most of us won't be earning $100k conference appearances anytime soon, many of us have to get up in front our colleagues and bosses on a regular basis, and that is not always easy. I don’t know about you, but getting in front of a group to speak makes my heart beat a mile a minute and sweat profusely. But, not for long...

Watch the webinar on demand

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the webinar! If you missed it live, TJ Walker will teach you his top five public speaking tips - the same secrets he’s shared with presidents, prime ministers, Nobel peace prize winners, senators, and professional athletes.

He will not only teach you how to remember your message and influence your audience, but also how to be confident and relaxed in front of a crowd in any setting.

Watch the webinar

Public Speaking Top 5 Tips

Here's a takeaway of the top 5 tips:

  1. Narrow your messages down to five.
  2. Find a story for each point.
  3. If using PowerPoint, one image per slide.
  4. Practice speech out loud on video until you love it.
  5. Test presentation on sample audience until they remember all 5 key points.

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