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How to Choose the Best LMS for Deskless Workers

Sam Szuchan

Sam Szuchan

Finding an LMS for deskless workers requires careful consideration. Deskless workers, like those in the service, retail, hospitality, security, and construction industries, often have unique training needs that don't fit into a traditional learning management system (LMS).

This makes finding an effective learning platform tricky. The nuances, dynamics, and unpredictable nature of being a frontline worker can leave managers scratching their heads, desperately trying to find an LMS that meets their ever-changing needs.

So in this article, we're setting the record straight. You'll learn the different types of LMSs, how to prioritize your needs, which features to target, and how to choose your system.

Understanding the different LMS types

Before deciding on your learning platform, you must understand the different LMS types and their target audiences.

On-site vs. cloud-based


As the name implies, on-premise solutions are LMS platforms requiring manual installation.

While these options still exist, they've largely experienced a phasing-out in favor of more flexible cloud-based solutions.


Cloud-based LMSs are hosted on external servers, meaning they require virtually no setup and are easily accessible. They also offer scalability and automated maintenance, making them the most popular choice today.

For example, GoSkills LMS is an accessible, cloud-based solution that offers an intuitive UI, complete security, and regular updates.

Proprietary vs. open source


Proprietary LMSs are closed-source options from a single source, like a software as a service (SaaS) company. While these solutions can offer more seamless experiences than open-source solutions, they can be more expensive.

They generally make up for the price with their comprehensive functionality. For instance, GoSkills LMS is a proprietary option offering countless resources for employee training, including its library of microlearning video tutorials.

Open source

Open-source LMSs originate from the contributions of an open community of developers, meaning they cost nothing to access. However, features are almost always more limited than with a proprietary option, and setting them up requires much more work.

While an open-source LMS may seem cheaper, you'll find that the most economical option is ultimately a proprietary LMS. Their usability and features almost always outweigh any subscription costs.

Identifying your priority needs

Next, outline the most crucial needs your deskless workforce needs to enable them to use a learning platform effectively. This is especially crucial in the context of a deskless workforce since:

  • They may lack access to consistent and fast internet connections.
  • They may require information on-the-go.
  • They may have more limited technical abilities.
  • They may not have access to traditional computers.
  • They may need more one-on-one instruction.

Identifying these needs empowers you to explore solutions that meet these needs.

For example, GoSkills LMS offers an optimized mobile experience to cater to those that need information on the go. It also provides offline access, allowing employees to consume content even in a low-bandwidth area.

Moreover, you can fully customize our platform to fit your organization's needs. You can add or delete any modules or features and customize the content.

You'll also get unlimited support from the GoSkills team, providing you with all the assistance you need to get the most out of the system.

Defining critical features for a deskless-friendly LMS

Needless to say, not all learning management systems offer the same features. Some provide extensive toolsets for making learning a breeze, and others are barely qualified to educate anyone—much less a professional on their feet.

So next, we'll outline the essential features any LMS should field to educate deskless workers effectively.

SCORM compliance

SCORM (Shared Content Object Reference Model) compliance enables your LMS to integrate with other learning solutions, including online third-party materials.

This lets managers easily find content pertinent to their industry and quickly add it to the platform. SCORM compliance also grants you access to structured materials, helping to ensure deskless workers can easily understand and retain the information.

GoSkills LMS, for example, packages SCORM compliance into its platform, enabling employers and course creators to generate learning portals quickly filled with high-quality content.

Assessments & quizzes

Assessments and quizzes provide tangible evidence of employee learning, helping managers efficiently assess deskless workers' comprehension and progress.

In addition, quizzes are an excellent way to engage deskless workers and prevent knowledge drop-off. They also help managers to create targets and milestones, allowing them to better track learner performance.


Gamified learning provides a fun and interactive learning experience, ideal for deskless workers who might lack the motivation to learn. It also helps streamline and reinforce learning, helping learners complete modules as efficiently as possible.

For instance, GoSkills LMS offers a range of incentives to help foster its learning experience, such as:

  • In-app rewards: Provide employees with rewards they can use within the LMS
  • Leaderboards and achievements: Make learning fun and competitive
  • Competitions and challenges: Organize learning competitions and challenges for your learners

Game elements like these empower deskless workers to learn more effectively and remain motivated until they achieve their goals.

Analytics & reporting

It's not enough to offer a comprehensive learning platform—you need to be able to track progress and evaluate performance effectively.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools give managers an inside look into how their course content is performing and how employees respond to it. This information is also invaluable for optimizing the training process as needed.

GoSkills LMS, for example, lets you track and measure critical stats like completion rates, quiz scores, and progress levels. You can also use the LMS to define custom analytics and reports for individual users or entire groups.

Better yet, GoSkills LMS lets you easily export this data for further analysis.


Any deskless-optimized LMS should make it easy for workers to access and understand the content. It should also empower managers to create simple and effective portals for their workforce.

To give a real-life example, hospitals often employ various casual and full-time staff from different backgrounds with varying skill sets. If a platform—LMS or not—requires a steep learning curve to navigate, deskless workers may struggle to use it effectively.

GoSkills LMS caters to usability and accessibility. It offers a simple UI and easy-to-follow tutorials that provide workers with everything they need to learn quickly and effectively.

Affordable pricing

It's vital to consider affordability when selecting any learning management system, deskless-friendly or not. A powerful platform can't make a difference if it's too expensive to use.

Many deskless workers operate in developing countries where funds are more likely to be scarce. A rigid pricing plan⁠—or fees for features that the workforce has no need for⁠—may prohibit them from benefiting from an LMS.

Even if that's not your situation, you should still find an LMS that fits your budget. Fortunately, platforms like GoSkills LMS are inexpensive and include essential features at no extra cost.

Remote & hybrid-friendliness

The pandemic has caused demand for remote learning solutions to skyrocket, and it's likely that some deskless workers still rely on this type of education. Many organizations also practice hybrid learning⁠—a combination of in-person and online instruction.

For this reason, executive-level strategies don't necessarily work best for deskless workers. Instead, a suitable LMS should offer remote and hybrid learning support, including virtual classrooms and real-time collaboration tools.

GoSkills LMS offers many features to make remote learning easy, such as live video classes, group discussions, and reporting tools. These features ensure that deskless workers receive the same quality of learning, no matter where they are.

Course building

Creating custom courses from scratch is essential for any LMS. This feature gives you complete control over your learning materials and strategies, enabling you to tailor them to your student's needs.

For instance, retail enterprises often use custom course building to ensure workers understand the nuances of product handling and customer service within their unique environment. Hospitals, on the other hand, need specialized courses for their highly-regulated processes and practices.

GoSkills LMS makes course building a breeze. Its intuitive course builder lets you create and edit learning modules in a few clicks. You can also embed multimedia resources, such as videos and live webinars, to make courses more impactful and engaging.

Choosing Your LMS

When making your final decision, it's essential to consider the specific needs of your deskless workers. Knowledge management must adapt to their unique circumstances, and the LMS you select should have the tools you need to help you deliver that tailored approach.

Fortunately, a deskless-friendly LMS like GoSkills LMS provides the features you need to ensure deskless workers get the knowledge they need to succeed. With its SCORM compatibility, assessments, new features, and in-app rewards, GoSkills LMS provides deskless workers with a comprehensive, effective, and enjoyable learning experience.

And the best part? You can try it for free. Contact us and book a demo today to see what our LMS can do for your deskless workforce.

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