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Excel Challenge 37: Keeping Track of Inventory

Deb Ashby

Deb Ashby

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If you run a small business and don't have the fancy software to keep track of your stock, you can leverage Excel to help you with this important task. Try this challenge and check out our solution!

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Take the challenge

Download the file to get started.

The challenge 🧠

The tasks 🏋️

Here’s the scenario to be solved from the download file:

We are in charge of keeping track of stock levels at our company. It is our responsibility to know when we are running low on certain products and when we need to order more. 

Stock inventory challenge

To facilitate this, we need to set up a stock inventory database. 

1. Create a filter

First, we need to create a filter in cell B5 that allows us to select ‘OK’, ‘Low Stock’ or ‘Order Now’ from a drop-down list. 

  • The filter should use cell references.

closeup screenshot

2. Determine the status

Next, we need to determine the status of each product’s current stock level. 

  • Use logical functions to do this. 
  • The status is determined by the value in the ‘Left’ column and the values in cells E4:E6. 
  • Copy the formula down. 

stock inventory Excel challenge

3. Make the stock inventory dynamic

We need to ensure that if a new product is added to the stock inventory, any formulas automatically update. 

4. Filter the stock inventory

Add a formula to cell B10 that filters the stock inventory list depending on what status has been selected in the drop-down list above. 

  • The status column does not need to be included in the filter. 
  • Use “No Records” as the optional last argument. 

stock inventory Excel challenge

  • Choose a different status from the drop-down menu and ensure the correct results are being returned. 

5. Add a new product

Finally, check that the stock inventory is working correctly and it’s dynamic. 

  • Add another product to the bottom of the table. 
  • Ensure that the filter updates and the new record is included.  

The clues 🕵️

Here are some resources that might come in handy for this exercise.

 Excel image    

Read - A Breakdown of Excel's 10 IF Functions  

Read - How to Return Multiple Values from an Excel Lookup  


Got it? Good!

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The solution 💡

We hope you enjoyed taking part in this challenge!

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Deb Ashby

Deb Ashby

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