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25+ Best Free Illustrator Resume Templates

Krystal Tolani Motwani

Krystal Tolani Motwani

According to an article by Glassdoor, the average hiring manager spends 6 seconds reading a resume. So, when it comes to your application documents, sometimes looks do matter.

Imagine you have two resumes in front of you. One with a wall of text in fonts and colors you can hardly read with contact details or references you can’t seem to locate. The other with ample white space, one or two easy-to-read fonts, and information that’s clearly segregated.

Which resume are you more inclined to read?

If your resume could do with some smartening, look no further. We've compiled 25+ free illustrator resume templates that let your credentials shine!

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1. Black and white resume template

Black and white resume templateMonochromatic and striking, this resume is sure to leave an impression. The template comes with space to enclose a reference.

2. Clean resume template

Clean resume templateThis illustrator resume template is ideal for those who prefer clean lines and minimalistic design.  

3. Retro resume template

Retro resume templateThis retro resume template combines a minimalistic layout with a retro color palette of orange and dark grey.

4. Performer resume template

acting-resume-templateThis understated resume template has two features that make it ideal for performers: a space for a headshot and details on previous experience.

5. Simple resume template

Simple resume templateThis template is handy for job seekers who are applying for roles in more formal industries.

6. Iconographic resume template

Iconographic resume templateThis simple resume template uses icons and symbols to delineate and add characters to each section.

7. Image header resume template

Image header resume templateIdeal for those working in a creative field, this resume template lets you display your photography or vector art as a header.

8. Monochromatic resume template

Monochromatic resume templateElegant and monochromatic, this resume template comes with an accompanying cover letter and business card template.

9. Creative director resume template


This template has space for portfolio highlights and comes with a matching cover letter.

10. Civil engineering resume template

civil-engineering-resumeNamed the 'civil engineering' resume, this template is great for civil engineers and non-civil engineers alike! Like the creative director resume, this template comes with a section to display your portfolio highlights.

11. Classic resume template

Classic resume templateThis resume template is creative yet professional. Ideal for job seekers applying to jobs in more formal industries.

12. Dark blue resume template

dark_blue_resume_templateThis dark blue accented resume displays your work experience and education in a vertical timeline format.

13. Artistic resume template

Artistic resume templateThis design-oriented resume template is unconventional and gives you plenty of room to curate the information you’d like to share.

14. Laconic resume template

Laconic resume templateIdeal for wordsmiths who can distil their ideas to a few sentences, this illustrator template is heavy handed on the white space, which keeps the design and textual elements crisp.

15. Infographic resume template

Infographic resume templateThe grayscale color scheme balances fun and professionalism in this infographic resume template.

16. Timeline resume template

Timeline resume templateIdeal for career changers or those who have spent time away from the workforce– this resume template gives you ample room to write about your experience.

17. Blue accented resume template

Blue accented resume templateThis elegant resume template has accents of blue that segregate your information.

18. Yellow resume template

Yellow resume templateThis template injects sunny personality into your job application. Ideal for those looking for jobs in creative or creative-adjacent industries

19. Multi-discipline infographic template

Multi-discipline infographic templateThis template is ideal if you’re skilled in a number of disciplines or software and want a visual way of representing it.

20. Red accent resume template

Red accent resume templateThis resume template is ideal if you’ve had some time away from the workplace, are pivoting industries, or are a fresh grad.

21. Colored waves resume template

Colored waves resume templateDesigned by Freepik, this resume template features a colored wave vector that snakes its way around your credentials.

27. Bubble resume template

Bubble resume templateThis simple infographic resume template uses pops of color to make your skills stand out.

28. Bright resume template

Bright resume templateThis brightly colored infographic-style template is ideal for if you want your resume to stand out on your hiring manager’s desk.

Can’t decide on one? We have zipped all the resumes in a convenient-to-download file, just enter your email, and the resumes will make their way to your inbox.

Remember, when selecting a resume, choose a design that sits most in line with the type of job or company you are applying for. A good rule of thumb is to select a template that is as creative (or as formal) as the role you’re applying for. A text-heavy, monochromatic resume template isn’t as appropriate for a design-based role. Similarly, a colorful infographic resume template may not fare well on a corporate hiring manager’s desk.

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Krystal Tolani Motwani

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