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10 Best Courses to Boost Your Career

Sonia Rebecca Menezes

Sonia Rebecca Menezes

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For more than a decade, GoSkills has helped thousands of learners worldwide improve their skills and advance their careers. Our mission has always been to provide high-quality, accessible training that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

In this blog post, we'll count down our top 10 most popular online courses based on enrollments, learner reviews, and feedback from the GoSkills community. From Microsoft Office to project management and soft skills, we'll explore the courses that have helped learners achieve their goals and take their confidence to the next level. Whether you're a longtime GoSkills user or just discovering our platform, this quick rundown will let you know how the cool kids have been spending their time.

1. Microsoft Excel Basic & Advanced

This is GoSkills’ flagship course, and no wonder! This course has given over 125,000 learners a beginner-friendly way to master everything from basic formulas to advanced data analysis techniques with easy-to-follow video tutorials, practical exercises, and interactive quizzes. This user testimonial sums it up:

Delivered what it promised.

Regular course updates mean learners can be confident that they know how to use the latest Microsoft Excel features and functionality. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this course can help you create professional-looking spreadsheets, manipulate, and simplify data.

Online Excel course

2. Excel Basic

Our second-most-popular course is Excel Basic. This course provides a solid foundation in Excel's fundamental features, from navigating the interface to using Excel formulas and functions. Learners have used it to grow their Excel skills: from creating basic spreadsheets, visualizing data with charts and graphs, and collaborating with colleagues.

I enjoyed this course. I learned so much!

This course is perfect if you're a beginner or need a refresher. You can learn at your own pace, get real-world, practical examples, and discover the power of the world's most accessible data analysis tool!

3. Excel Advanced

While pivot tables, conditional formatting, and advanced Excel tasks like these may sound intimidating, when broken down effectively, it becomes much easier! That’s what learners love about Excel Advanced. Over 17,000 GoSkills learners have unlocked the full potential of Excel with over 11 hours of advanced concepts arranged into 60 digestible lessons.

Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.

Plus, with the benefits of interactive quizzes and exercises, you'll reinforce your learning and put your new skills into practice. Don't settle for basic Excel skills; become an Excel master with this game-changing course!

4. Project Management Basics

Over the last several years, project management has truly made its way into every industry. From tech to hospitality and events, more people are benefitting from better management skills. This foundational course helps you become an effective and organized project manager.

The course was perfectly designed. You can go at the speed you need and also practice new knowledge. Easy to understand and take notes.

This course goes beyond the theory by providing real-world examples and practical advice to apply to your projects. Join the thousands who’ve learned fundamental project management principles and concepts like project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and risk management.

Learn project management online

5. Microsoft PowerPoint

GoSkills learners have upgraded their game with this PowerPoint course. It’s made it to one of our top courses because of how important virtual presentation skills are today. You'll learn how to create polished and captivating presentations from scratch to help you communicate with clarity and impact. 

Really enjoyed the fact that a PowerPoint was built over the course of the lessons.

From basic slide formatting to advanced multimedia integration, this course has got you covered.

6. Microsoft Outlook

GoSkills learners found the perfect solution to messy inboxes and complicated office back-end software: The Microsoft Outlook course! This comprehensive online learning program will teach you everything you need to know about managing your emails, calendar, and tasks like a pro. 

This should be required learning! Great info even for those who have used Outlook in the past!

Learn how to streamline your inbox, automate repetitive tasks, and stay on top of your schedule! Whether you're a busy professional or just looking to improve your productivity, this course will equip you with the skills you need to take control of your digital life.


7. Excel Pivot Tables

What do data scientists, marketers, and workforce managers have in common? The need to analyze large amounts of data! Say goodbye to drowning in data and hello to meaningful insights with just a few clicks on a pivot table. This feature-focused course has taught thousands how to create and customize classic pivot tables, use advanced features like calculated fields and slicers, and visualize data with pivot charts and graphs. 

Met my expectations in terms of content, level of complexity, and teaching approach (using real-life examples).

Don't settle for mediocre data analysis – become a master of data manipulation, and learn to unlock the full potential of your data!

8. Excel in an Hour

Are you Excel-shy and looking to get off the ground? This FREE one-hour course from GoSkills is your quick solution! Since its launch in 2020, this crash course in Excel has been a hit with over 8,000 newbies who’ve wanted to enhance their career prospects by learning Excel – fast. And the best part? It assumes no prior knowledge.

Thank you for making this course easy to understand. Loved the visual components.

Imagine how much more productive you can be with just one hour of your time invested! 

9. Word Basic

Microsoft Word has much, much more to offer than just typing up documents. Learners around the world have benefitted from our Basic Microsoft Word course because, in the end, the little things really do matter. With this foundational online course, you'll learn how to create and format documents, work with tables and graphics, and customize your settings to streamline your workflow. 

This was a very helpful course. I love how it is broken down into bite-size pieces. Thank you so much GoSkills!

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to get the most out of this handy, powerful everyday tool!

10. Business Writing Skills

In this world of digital interactions, you might be forgiven for questioning the relevance of a writing course. But that’s exactly why it’s needed. It’s likely that most of your business interactions won’t be face-to-face but in writing – whether online or on paper. This business writing course made our Top 10 list because more than 7,500 learners have used this course to transform their writing skills for maximum impact.

So glad I took this course. I didn’t think I would need it, yet it’s definitely knowledge I could use.

With 28 video tutorials in just under two hours, you'll learn how to craft clear and concise emails, write effective reports and proposals, and even write casual correspondence to business contacts. Write with clarity and confidence, knowing you have the tools to do it right.

Business writing course

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Sonia Rebecca Menezes

Sonia Rebecca Menezes

Content writer at GoSkills