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20 Free Illustrator Business Card Templates Sure to Impress

Krystal Tolani Motwani

Krystal Tolani Motwani

Even though so much of our business lives have moved to the digital world, there’s one arena that stays comfortably rooted in the physical world: networking.

Like a soldier armed with a sword and shield for battle, you need to be armed with a business card (and excellent body language) when networking.

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Business cards are like a tangible first impression of you and your business – so yours can’t be an old forgettable design. Choose something that reflects your business and personality, so that people you’ve shared your card with can quickly put a face to the name when looking at your card a day, week, or month later.

To make your life a little easier, we put together 20 of the best free Illustrator business card templates sure to impress. Merely customize them with your details, and you’ll be good to go!

1. Grey and white business card template


This Illustrator business card template features an elegant white border that compliments the grey background and blue text.  

2. Green sunburst business card template


Ideal for those working for an environmental or eco-friendly business, this Illustrator business card template will stand out.

3. Wavy business card template


Reminiscent of a cozy sweater, this business card template by Freepik is both fun and straightforward.

4. Zigzag business card template


This funky Illustrator business card template is sure to stand out in the stack.

5. Speech bubble business card template

This template by Freepik is ideal if you work in a communication-related industry like PR or social media management.

6. Color wave business card template


This design-heavy template remains professional despite the bright colors used.

7. Movie ticket business card template


Reminiscent of an old-timey movie ticket, this blue and green Illustrator template is one to stand out. Ideal for those working in event management or entertainment.  

8. Orange business card template


Ideal for those in education or design fields, this orange Illustrator business card template by Freepik features a fun illustration of a pen and a ruler.

9. Color contrast business card template


Eye-catching and colorful, this color contrast business card template has space to include three of your skills.

10. Retro business card template


On paper, argyle on a business card should not make sense – but this template executes it well.

11. Sunset business card template


Sleek, yet rustic, this business card template is

12. Modern business card template


This template is versatile because you can change the color scheme to be as fun or as formal as you’d like it to be.

13. Hexagonal business card template


This grey and red hexagonal business card is great for people working in tech or science-related fields.

14. Ripped business card template


This minimally designed template by dryicons is excellent for those who work in the home improvement industry.

15. Pink grid business card template

This Illustrator template has a calming color scheme, which could work for interior decorators, architects, or graphic designers.

16. Artsy business card template


This colorful business card template is great for graphic designers or artists.

17. Modern business card template

This modern business card template features a number of different designs to choose from.

18. Photographer business card template


Designed to look like a viewfinder, this business card template is a neat design for photographers.

19. Realtor business card template


This simple business card by Freepik is friendly yet conveys a sense of professionalism with the small pops of color.

20. Tech business card template


This matrix-esque business card is perfect for people working in the tech space.

When selecting a business card design, bear in mind the impression you’d like people to have of you. You can always alter the color of the cards in Illustrator, so it speaks more to your brand.

If you need help personalizing your business card templates using Adobe Illustrator, check out our Illustrator - Basic and Advanced courses for helpful tips and tricks.

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Krystal Tolani Motwani

Krystal Tolani Motwani

Krystal is a Growth Product Manager at GoSkills with a background in digital marketing. When she's not at work, you can find her listening to podcasts or watching comedy specials on Netflix.