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138 New Year's Resolutions for 2022

Brad Zomick

Brad Zomick

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set some goals for our personal lives. To help you get the most out of 2022, we’ve come up with an exhaustive list of resolutions to help you move onward and upward into the new year.

We’ve broken our list into five categories. Click on the category to skip to that list.

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Learning resolutions - key skills to learn in 2022

This is our favorite category! There are so many amazing skills to learn!

  1. Microsoft Excel

  2. Microsoft PowerPoint

  3. Project management

  4. Leadership

  5. Microsoft Word

  6. Power BI

  7. Agile Scrum

  8. Lean Six Sigma

  9. Business Writing

  10. Microsoft Outlook

  11. Public Speaking

  12. Body Language

  13. Adobe Illustrator

  14. Adobe Photoshop

  15. Macros and VBA

  16. Microsoft Project

  17. Sales

  18. Customer Service

  19. Finance

  20. SQL

  21. HTML

  22. CSS

  23. Python

  24. JavaScript

  25. PHP

  26. Ruby on Rails

  27. Marketing

  28. Financial Modeling

  29. Data analysis

  30. Quickbooks

  31. Trello

  32. Microsoft Teams

  33. Accounting

  34. Photography

  35. Learn a new language

  36. Learn to cook

Career resolutions

This lot of resolutions is for those looking to make moves in 2021. That could mean getting a job, rising in the ranks of your current organization, or moving into a new career field.

  1. Revamp your resume

  2. Start seeing a career counselor

  3. Read up about your career options

  4. Subscribe to industry blogs, newsletters, and magazines

  5. Update your LinkedIn profile

  6. Expand your social network

  7. Start attending networking events

  8. Join online communities for your industry

  9. Reach out to your social network

  10. Hone your interview skills

  11. Map out your professional development plan

  12. Be on the look out for the next rung

  13. Improve your workplace communication

  14. Manage up

  15. Manage down

  16. Manage across

  17. Understand company / unit / team goals

  18. Stay ethical

  19. Better alignment with organizational goals

  20. Take time off from work to stay fresh

  21. Look for projects to enhance your skillset

  22. Take courses to expand your skillset (see above!)


Habit resolutions

  1. Stop procrastinating

  2. Stop being late

  3. Improve focus

  4. Start a vision board

  5. Do daily affirmations

  6. Remember important dates

  7. Watch less TV

  8. Read more

  9. Make new friends

  10. Less social media

  11. Less video games

  12. Be more confident

  13. Take more risks

  14. Face your fears

  15. Volunteer

  16. Donate to charity

  17. Be polite

  18. Control your emotions

  19. Reduce exposure to stressful activities

  20. Be happier

  21. Meditate

  22. Be cleaner around the house

  23. Get over an ex

  24. Improve your relationships with friends and loved ones

  25. Reduce texting, call people instead

  26. Keep a diary

  27. Explore your creativity

  28. Date more

  29. Be more intimate with your partner

  30. Become more active

  31. Get more culture (art, music, etc.)

  32. Travel more

  33. Be more self-reliant

  34. Give more compliments

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Finance resolutions

  1. Bring lunch to work

  2. Eat out less

  3. Shop in bulk

  4. Clip coupons

  5. Make more money

  6. Turn a hobby or side-project into a new revenue source

  7. Make a budget

  8. Keep a spending log

  9. Avoid impulse purchases

  10. Save more

  11. Create a rainy day/emergency savings account

  12. Pay credit card bills on time

  13. Pay down debt

  14. Monitor your credit score

  15. Pay bills on payday

  16. Contribute to your retirement plan (i.e. 401k)

  17. Rebalance your investments

  18. Learn to invest

  19. Get health insurance

  20. Get life insurance

  21. Seek the help of a financial advisor if you find the above overwhelming


Health resolutions

  1. Drink more water

  2. Take the stairs

  3. Go to the doctor regularly

  4. Get your vision checked

  5. Join a gym

  6. Stretch more

  7. Get a personal trainer

  8. Quit smoking

  9. Measure food portions

  10. Keep a food journal

  11. Ditch soda and carbonated beverages

  12. Eat less unhealthy foods

  13. Eat more fruits and vegetables

  14. Chew fully before swallowing

  15. Use less sweeteners

  16. Walk regularly

  17. Run a 5k / 10k / marathon

  18. Floss regularly

  19. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice per day

  20. Sleep more

  21. Worry less

  22. Avoid electronics before bedtime

  23. Take deep breaths when stressed out

  24. Try yoga

  25. Have a mantra or safe word for stressful times

  26. Did we miss anything? Let us know, and we will add it to the list!

Keep your eye on the prize

This list should provide inspiration for you as you embark on your New Year’s resolution(s). However, choosing a New Year’s resolution is only the beginning. Following through on your resolution will require continuous effort and focus throughout the year until your resolution becomes a habit.

For help following through on resolutions check out these 10 tips to guarantee a successful New Year’s resolution.

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Brad Zomick

Brad Zomick

Brad Zomick is the VP of Marketing at Pathgather, co-founder of SkilledUp, and an advisor to GoSkills. Brad is a lifelong learner, globetrotter, and merrymaker who regularly writes about learning and careers.