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GoSkills reviews – Body Language

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Body Language course:

“Truly a good beginner course. Covers many of the basics, and while some may be instinctual, it's a nice reminder that often times we are our own worst enemy. Introduces the skills in the framework of a business setting, but can be applied to many situations. Clear and easy to follow. ”


“Fantastic. Informative and actually fun and interesting enough that I happily went from video to video. I feel like it blew away a lot of misconceptions I had, some learned from previous courses that probably gave me too many things to think about at once.”

Anonymous user

“Such a great course, so helpful! Will definitely be coming back to it in the future. Great product!”

Renee Stott

“This was easier than I expected. Great trainer. ”


“I found this course looking for professional development through a Senior Seminar at NC State University. ”


“A lot of helpful tips in this course”


“I enjoyed the content of this course. I recognized many areas I need to improve and tips on how to accomplish that in a constructive way. I have found that it has help me communicate more effectively in a non-business setting as well.”


“Great course. A bit basic for someone who is well versed but great for anyone nervous at public events or in networking settings. ”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Very informative! ”


“The instructor was great, relatable and funny. ”

Katie Henderson

“This course was awasome and I know would help me in my work and how to convey my messages when talking to a audience or a little group of people. 5 out of 5 start to keep doing the great job. ”

Jose De leon

“This was a good course. It was very informative and useful. I liked the teacher in this one as well. He made me feel comfortable and I had no problems at all understanding what he was saying. ”

Rae Bruno

“I’ve enjoyed the course tremendously, and will recommend it to my friends and family. I’ve learned how to be relaxed in an interview or business meeting, and with your valuable tips I will be able to practice and do it. ”

Elsie Strydom

“Very informative and interesting concepts. Will definitely use the tips suggested.”

Danielle Kirk

“Very helpful, and clearly delivered course.”

Donna Robson

“Great! It was truly helpful! Thank you so much.”

Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“Interesting and increased my understanding on how to present myself using body language when speaking.”

Winold RENEE Brown

“This course was chock full of great information to help you look, feel and be confident when speaking. Body Language is just as important as the message your giving because it's a visual confirmation to the audience that you are comfortable with yourself, your topic and the audience. This instructor was phenomenal and provided so many examples and tips that make perfect sense. This course is highly recommended! ”

Tara Dojan

“Great introductory course for those wanting to learn what to do and what to avoid in business / social gatherings where you are trying to make a good impression.”

Jay Schwausch

“Very useful information & course. I love it. Definitely recommend ”

Amelia Tan Soo Fong