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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Word 2019 - Basic

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Word 2019 - Basic course:

“Such a wonderful experience. 10/10”

Mauricio Huebner-Mendoza

“a very useful and enlightening course”

Raisibe Portia Maisela

“Learned quite a bit thanks”




“I learned some new techniques and tools in word!”


“Easy to follow and good explanations.”

Sandra Schorde

“I really loved this course if felt like it was almost second nature to me by the time I was finished.”


“Great refresher course.”


“This is an excellent course for anyone who is just starting out with using MS Word. ”

Adriana Irizarry

“Very informative and appreciated the different versions of word in each lesson. The speaker had a pleasant voice and made the instructions at the right pace so that I didn't get lost.”

JoAnn Bernal

“Enjoyable course and the instructor was very helpful. ”

Trevor Holmes

“These courses are the best. The best instructors and very informative.”

Elaine Carla Cook

“Absolutely helpful to me in the format the course was presented and taught - highly recommended!”


“Great course with a very upbeat and positive instructor!”

Kylie Nelson

“Super easy to follow! ”



Nilakantha Samantaray

“Courses are concise which allow for extended focus on trouble areas. One of the better courses that I've taken. ”

Joshua Wheeler

“speaker was very informative ”

Brandon Newcomb

“Very Helpful Training Courses”

Jason Sutton

“Great course”

Scott Taylor