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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft OneNote Training

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft OneNote Training course:

“Simple and effective”

Artur Matos

“Clear to understand. Excellent instructions.”


“The instructor did a great job! Very knowledgeable and explained things in an easy to understand way. This was my first time learning about OneNote and I am excited to start using it!!”

Lisa G. Allen

“Great learning”

Martin Gemme

“Great program!”

Vanessa Perrin

“This course is an excellent way to find out how OneNote is the best choice for some of my daily activities.”


“Great course. Learned a lot of useful and practical tools.”

Latifah R. Muhammad

“This is the best course I've taken yet. Tom teaches the courses in the best way for me. Short, with repetitive demonstrations. I would recommend this course to anyone.”


“It was very helpful”

Karen Radford

“Awesome class, broken down well so that you can understand and comprehend. ”



Janice Parkin

“Kept each section short and easy to remember”

Liz Hutchinson

“An excellent substitution for notebooks. Now I don't have to lose my notebooks and can keep these organized!!!”

Rubi Martinez

“Clear and easy to understand.”

Melissa Deuerling