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“Good course. Learned quite a bit. Course was presented in a simple manner that allow me to easily relate the concepts.”


“Great course! OneNote is an underutilized tool that can help keep my day organized and productive.”

Troy Allen

“This is one of the best courses that I have found on Go Skills. Mr. Fragale has an excellent teaching style. He breaks it down into smaller lessons and his recap of the pertinent information at the end of each lesson really helps one to retain the information. I had no problem with the quizzes or the final exam because of the way he breaks down all the information. I really enjoyed this course and hope to see more courses taught by such a skilled professional. ”

Wilma Rutherford

“Tom did a great job teaching us about Microsoft OneNote. The lessons were bite sized and well organized. It was an enjoyable journey! ”

Derek R Boyd

“I liked the way the topics were broken down. ”

Alysa Galvan

“Tom was great! Enjoyed the course.”



Nelson Nolasco

“I really appreciated the instructor. They were thorough and went over important topics several times. Great course.”

Kevin Louro-Moore

“I liked that the lessons covered one thought at a time in small bites.”

Donna Waterman