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GoSkills reviews – Intro to Lean Six Sigma

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Intro to Lean Six Sigma course:

“Very detailed but, very easy to follow. I truly enjoyed the course.”

Marilyn Hidalgo

“Very interesting and informative. I did not know anything about Lean Six Sigma but now feel like I have a good basic understanding of what it is.”

Kristen Slaten

“This course provided an excellent baseline for someone learning about these topics for the first time.”


“A good high level overview ”

Ian Jesse

“Fast, straightforward and informative. Good for an intro course.”


“Definitely a deserving course to take.”


“Great high level overview (review) of Lean SixSigma”

Martin Gemme

“Good high level instruction of Lean Six Sigma.”

Jolee Faison

“Easy understanding, very informative, and well presented”

Justin Haynes

“The course was presented well and easy to follow & understand.”


“Great Course!”


“A very good introduction to the lean six sigma course.”


“Simple, high-level overview of the basic principles and outline of Lean Six Sigma. Well executed”

Stephen Leckvold