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GoSkills reviews – Intro to Lean Six Sigma

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Intro to Lean Six Sigma course:

“I have learnt so much from the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma course!”

Usha Persad

“great information”

Robin M. Powell

“The topics are clear and brief. Easy to follow and understand. ”


“In Ray Sheen, PMP, we trust <3”

Kyle Letham

“I found this course to be very useful. Especially for product management ”

Lorraine E Moore

“Great introduction into the topic. ”

Ria Ali

“The Intro to Lean Six Sigma course was heavily beneficial towards my professional growth and development. I am now better equipped to assist with daily tasks across the operation.”

Diana Seerattan

“great information to help a company grow”

Roger Caliste

“Excellent Excellent training.. I just love Mr. Ray Sheen and how he explain things”

Joycelyn Monayong

“Great Course!”

Maxine Keys

“Great introduction to Lean Six Sigma!”

Joseph C. King

“Fast, straightforward and informative. Good for an intro course.”


“very helpful class”


“Definitely a deserving course to take.”


“This course was easy to understand and gave me a better overview of Six Sigma.”


“Great high level overview (review) of Lean SixSigma”

Martin Gemme

“Good high level instruction of Lean Six Sigma.”

Jolee Faison

“Easy understanding, very informative, and well presented”

Justin Haynes

“A very good introduction to the lean six sigma course.”


“The course was presented well and easy to follow & understand.”