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GoSkills reviews – Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success course:

“This course will be extremely helpful for setting my personal and professional goals in the future and working towards them everyday!”

Joshua Joy

“Courses with this TJ are always great as he does not bore you to death”

James Valdivia

“A multi-dimensional approach to goal setting that focuses on achieving a balanced, fulfilling good life that you believe in.”

Martin Male

“Great class”

Lisa Blackmon

“I'll be using these skills to set goals that I believe are SMART. It helps to have a gameplan not only on how to achieve my goals, but also on how to create them. ”

Sam Stein

“I really enjoyed this course. Thank you!”

Varvara Pavlova

“Thanks bud!”


“This was a great course! Loved it!”

Maxine Keys

“Very informative course”


“It is a great course which gives me a vision what should I do in order to achieve goals.”

Svitlana Vazhenina

“I like how TJ provides examples of each level in each sphere — literally so helpful”


“real great course and great trainer. ”


“good course.”

Pamela Graham