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“Thanks Go Skills! I am already applying and fine tuning the Microsoft Outlook course enabled, for daily use. Key points of organization and processes make this program an excellent resource for utilizing Outlook and all its planning ability.”

Fleur Pepper

“I liked this course a lot. A lot of information. Especially appreciated the new features of Outlook 2016. Thank you!”

James Leary

“Andy does an amazing job with clear instructions and situations where this material can be used in a personal and professional setting. Great in-depth course!”

Chantel Forsberg

“Andy was fantastic! The course was nicely paced and didn't include a lot of fluff. I really enjoyed myself. ”

Natasha Baker

“Thanks for this great course.”

Ismat Selevany

“Very helpful, thank you so much.”

Armineh Almary

“I loved this course. It was very informative and to the point.”

Chesney Oldenburg

“I learned a lot from this course, glad I purchased it! The instructor is excellent. I would recommend this course and I would purchase from GoSkills again. Thank you!”

Michelle R Brown

“Great Course very informative!”

Cristobal Velasco

“I thought that the course was very informative. The instructor broke down all the different areas very well and covered them completely. I knew nothing virtually (except the basics) and I feel that I have learned a lot. I enjoyed the extra tips that the instructor threw in such as Do's and Don't s for writing emails. I did not know many of them.”

Sandra Krtek

“Very good course.”

Linda Alix Teagle

“Very helpful! I was able to learn how to use Outlook right away. I didn't know anything before I started and now I can use many of the features without reviewing the videos to remember what to do. Thank you.”

Janet Flora Hilts

“I really enjoyed this course. I found it to be very informative, yet easily retained. Just the right amount of info without being overwhelming. Also being able to pause, stop and return is a great option. Thank you - now onto Excel!! ”

Tracy Ritzer

“I love Andy's classes, she is so kind and polite and explains step by step very well. Thank you Andy!”



Dwayne Foreman Jr

“Andy is a great teacher. The steps were broken down into easy-to-understand concepts. I enjoyed the course.”


“A great course. It was fun and informative. I learned many new features in Outlook and would definitely recommend this course. ”

Paula Smith

“Extremely helpful!”

Susan Marchitti

“The videos were short but very informative. I liked the quiz at the end of the videos section. The person doing the videos was very easy to understand and follow.”

Ann Christman

“This was definitely a fun course to take!”

Niall O'Neill

“This course is wonderful, Andy Lanning is one of the best instructors I have seen (during school/college/PG). Seriously loved the content, has been very pertinent to daily activities at my office life”


“I found this course by looking through the courses offered. My cousin told me about this program and I am so grateful! ”

Rae Bruno

“Great course, love the teacher, she's easy to follow and very clear to understand. Will recommend!”

John Cramer

“Great process of learning, keep falling in love with ease of learning!!”

Dr Rahul Sheshgiri

“This was so helpful. I have been using Outlook for so long and had no idea how useful it really is!”

Dagnine McKinnon

“This was exactly what I needed!! I finished the course in a couple evenings, and spent all day today at the office getting my thousands of emails sorted out. I have a new found energy to get organized :)”

Jessie Sprague

“I love the new tricks and tools!”

Venesa M. Mendez

“This was great. I use Outlook at work and I learned so much more than what my job taught me in 2 years. This is great.”

Krystle Irby-Shahid

“Thank you Andy. Your lessons are really fun and brilliant!”

Jinhyon Lee

“It was handled by the best trainers”

Nathan Magona

“It is very informative, I learned many new tricks that i was unaware of.”

Anonymous user

“Extremely helpful and educational. Thank you.”

Julia Hipolito

“Great useful information! ”

Iskeisha Diane Stuckey

“I found Andy to be very easy to follow!”

Anonymous user

“I really enjoyed the instructor and her teaching style. ”

Michelle Hammon

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses I have taken with Thank you for such a wonderful and affordable program!!”

Troy D Williams

“Excellent trainer with pleasant voice and easy to follow format.”


“This course was simple and very informative. Andy is always a pleasure to learn from. She has a way of giving all of this important info without overwhelming. Perfect pace, and attitude to learn from.”

Craig T Larkins

“Video/quiz format was easy to follow. I did not realize Outlook was so diverse in project management as well as scheduling. very cool stuff.”

“This was a great course and I learned a lot of useful information that I can apply almost daily at my job. ”

Travis Lau

“Andy is my favorite! I have worked with Outlook my entire career, and I learned new things!”

Brandon Wayne Hale

“I thought I know Outlook as I have been using it for years, but this course made me discover so many new functions and features that I am able to work more efficiently but at the same time have more fun with it. Great teacher, pleasant voice, wonderful short lessons to plug into a busy work day. Keep up the good work offering online courses of such a high quality!”

Susanne Zedler

“Great review of all things in Outlook, appreciate the short quick videos. Can work at my own pace. ”

Shane Frazier

“Lots of features I would not have otherwise known about.”

Kirsti Pickard

“The topics covered by the presenter are excellent and perfect to follow for a new user.”


“I found the course to be very easy to follow, and the quizzes reinforced the learning. I have completed the Outlook class and I feel I got a LOT out of it.”


“This was very helpful in learning how to use outlook more efficiently. ”

Kami Koyle

“Everything was easy to understand overall. Anything that wasn't could just be viewed again. Thank you for the course! ”

Allen "Sharky" Moore

“Very in depth tutorial on the inner workings of Outlook.”

Victor Allen

“Content was very enlightening.”

Cheryl Young

“Great tips and tricks. Engaging instructor! ”

Troy Allen

“Really enjoyed the course and learned so much. I found the short videos easy to follow along. ”

Ruth Martell

“It was very helpful, lots of information.” Sally Helm

“Great educational tool, with step by step processes. Learn a lot of new tricks and tools to use”

Gloria Yawn

“I really like the overall set up of the GoSkills courses I have taken. The short video followed by a 3 question quiz is very useful. Also, Andy is a great instructor. I am always glad to enter a course and find she is teaching. Thank you!”

Meg Coursey

“It's very helpful. Gives a lot of information. ”

Zufan Teshome

“I learned so much!!! Thank you!!! ”

Tierre Antione Wright

“This course was incredibly helpful. By far my favorite!!”

Shannon L Nolan

“The instructor was wonderful. I have used Outlook for years just performing the basics and now I feel like I can accomplish more and be an asset.”

Anonymous user

“I love this course - I learned more about Outlook than I ever knew existed!”

Laura A. Ericson

“Great course and teacher!”

Vanessa Fahr

“Was very helpful. So many things I didn't know about.”

Kelly Queenan

“I have been working in Microsoft for many years, taking this course I realized there were many functions that I had not been utilizing. I really enjoyed this course.”



Liza Johnson

“I love this teacher. She is so helpful and lighthearted in this and the MS Word program.”

Annette Ridenour

“Thanks for providing that great training which includes all those important information about different features!”

Mahmoud Ahmed

“Instructor very knowledgable & pleasant to listen to. Good pace on lessons and great tips.”

Carolyn Hunter

“Love the tips and tricks. Great pace! ”

Jessica Brayfield

“Andi is exceptional, she is easy to follow and has a great speaking voice. ”

Patricia Wolf

“Short videos to keep your attention and great detail!”

Kaitlyn Hillabrand

“Awesome! l've learnt so much great stuff about Outlook.”

Shannon Boyle

“Learned about features I did not know were there.”


“I absolutely enjoyed and love this instructor!! She explains everything so well and made it fun. I literally laughed quite a few times. I would take every one of her courses just because she makes learning fun and easy. ”

Christina Harrell

“This is a great course and Andy is a wonderful teacher!”

Veronica Cueva Peralta

“Very informational. Learned a lot doing this course. ”

Lisa M Dole

“Very informative and easy to understand. I appreciate that I could follow along with Andy in my own personal email. I cannot wait to share these tips and tricks with my coworker.”

C Barron

“Great teaching by Andy. Quick, fast, and to the point! Thank you”

Samantha Cheong Yu Zhen

“I found this course excellent. The lessons were short yet informative. The Quick Reference material was great. I also want to mention how great the staff are when you have a question. They answer very promptly and do everything they can to help you on your journey of learning. Would highly recommend GoSkills!!!”


“Wonderful explanations of Outlook features. I learned an amazing amount in a small time.”

Karen Rous