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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Outlook

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Outlook course:

“Love the short 4-5 minute videos. They are to the point which is great!”

Brittany McNeal

“Great information. Learned a lot of new things about Outlook! ”


“Easy to follow and every content is essential ”

Adriel Anjelo S. Alfonso

“User friendly and clear.”


“Actually taught me a good amount of information, total time took 4 hours including all quizzes and exams, worth the time”

Morgan Lichtenstein

“Great insight to outlook to make tasks easier and faster!!”

Mandeep Kaur

“This course was very helpful thanks. ”

Jason Patton

“I liked the pace and that I was able to stop go into my own outlook and practice.”


“Great refresher!”

Key Rawls

“Great instructional videos and excellent form of training. ”

Abraham Daniel Gurley

“I enjoyed the course very much.”

Sandra Louise Kisner