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GoSkills reviews – Scrum for Scrum Masters

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Scrum for Scrum Masters course:


Fernando Garcia

“A good overview of Scrum/Agile concepts.”


“Excellent course, good content and good questions.”

Lesther Rafael Hernandez Arellano

“Great course, thank you!”


“Well structured, and defined. This course was short, sweet to the point, touching on key concepts, and providing a broad spectrum of oversight to Agile/Scrum.”

Wilhelm Viljoen Meyer

“Yes I enjoy it a lot!”

Pascal Uriel ELINGUI


Dhruv Mandhyan

“Very useful”

Alexander Giese

“Very Good Content and Explanations. Thanks!”

Girish Kochhar

“Very informative. The small clips were great and the mini tests helped to reinforce the information. Thanks! ”

Brian Waller

“Visuals very helpful.”

Michelle Steel

“The concepts are explained in an easy to understand way. Very easy to work your way thru a little each day.”

cynthia graham

“I loved this course. Great presenter and liked the degree of material and the fact that it was both documentation I could print if needed and presenter based. I am going to look for other GoSkills courses based on my experience.”

Daniel Smith

“The course is very useful, related and very relevant to my career. Thank you so much GoSkills.”

Nhlalala Matsambo

“Another great step in learning Scrum methodology. ”

Radosław Bolałek