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GoSkills reviews – Project Meetings

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Project Meetings course:

“Mr. Ray Sheen is a excellent presenter, He's presentations are always clear and concise”

Joycelyn Monayong

“Overall, the course was quite informative, and I learned a lot about things I thought I knew already. New information and another perspective were gained on the topics.”

Cherard Isaac

“Great information provided for project meetings.”

Kari Burnstad

“This project meetings course was really great!!”

Joshua Joy

“This course has enhanced my knowledge on Project Meetings.”

Usha Persad

“Very short and simple but highly informative.”


“This course provided excellent suggestions and guides to improve project meetings and overall communication.”


“Great course. Clear and concise. ”

Kenjulian Berroa

“Great course, learn a lot about meetings, communication, and team review.”

Almir Hodai

“Project meetings was short - less than an hour but packed with useful information!”

Zach Hoffman



“Very informative and easy to follow course. Always enjoy Ray Sheen's lectures.”

James Dyke

“This was my first course completed through this platform and I learned a lot, looking forward to being part of more courses like this.”