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“I found this course extremely helpful and will give me more confidence in my marketing career.”

Angela Lane

“It has been extremely helpful. Understanding the correct formats for business emails and letters have allowed me to draft more presentable communications to internal and external clients!!”

Kaylyn Ashton Reddy

“I thoroughly enjoyed this business writing course. It was great to be able to do it at my own pace and have it fit in my busy life. Thanks GoSkills. ”

J. Hayes

“Very happy with the course learned some new writing skills and got reminded on some basics I'd forgotten. Found the information is broken down into into short chapters which not only makes things easier and faster to learn but also make it able to go through a chapter when you have only a few free minutes”

Steven Wall

“I enjoyed and appreciate the learning videos! ”

Stephanie L. Crespo

“This is one of the best, well organized courses. I would highly recommend this course to all my family and friends. Thank you.”

Helen Christine Newman

“Enjoyed the course. It was easy to understand and has helped me regarding work.”

Bianca Tame

“Very helpful and easy to understand. ”

Advian Joseph

“Very informative and easy to understand!”

Jessen Nullathemby

“Excellent course on Business Writing!!! Learned so much about effective business writing. I would recommend this course to others who need to learn about basic writing skills. This course is helpful for career development on/off the job.”

Forshunna Lacole Higgins

“This course was very informative. ”

Deztini Southall

“Easy to use and very effective. ”

Marc Garreffa

“Was a nice course, enjoyed it and learned so much. ”

Charmaine Jansen van Rensburg

“I really enjoyed doing this course. Thank you so much. ”

Shelley Francis

“It was very informative and with appropriate details for moving forward in my career.”

Bhumin Desai

“Great program, easy to understand, I am glad that the certificate is verifiable with verification number and can link to Linkedin. ”

JENNIFER Dacon Mascardo

“Learned so much during this course! Really enjoyed it, I can't wait to put it to use!”

Zelika Shillingford

“Great information, easy to get from page to page. Thank you.”

Toni Rahn Galster

“Great course.”

Sherese McCullough

“This course was well explained, gave easy descriptions and made it easy to understand the important information. It has helped me improve my knowledge of what is expected in all aspects of business writing and when I use this information.”

Ajla Dedic

“Great course!”

Kim Reyes

“Well structured and easy to adapt. I was looking for advanced lessons, but this covered the fundamentals and served as a great refresher course! ”

Jonah Marie Chipeco

“I enjoyed this course and it was very informative and relevant to understanding the different formats of communicating business writing.”

John Elam

“Very informative!! ”

Nadine Grandison-Mills


Dongin Jung

“I enjoyed the basics of business writing. I think it is important to learn how to deliver and set your tone when writing documents, emails, and social media. ”

Nicky Lutsky

“Very helpful in my accounting profession.”

Miller Kombe

“"Every word, idea and actions will forms a lively communication for daily business writing." The course is great to give people having a better understanding on the technique as well as the etiquette to put the tone right in modern business writing. This is a crucial element to enable an effective writing communication. Thanks GoSkills and the presenter Faith Watson. From: Kxion Lip (Malaysia)”

Kok Hiung

“Great overview of the basics! Wonderful refresher course! ”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Awesome learning. Great instructors.”

Nathan Magona

“Great course if you are interested in learning the core aspects of business writing. A must because business writing is not basic writing; introduction, body, and conclusion. If you are interested in an office job, then this course is an ideal must. I learned a lot of skills here, and I highly recommended it because it will increase your writing skills to prepare you for the real world.”

Ricardo Ted Waterman



“Very effective learning modem, amidst a hectic flying schedule.”

Brandon Moore

“Very straight forward and clear. Very good information as well.”

Nicole Ramsey-Figaro

“Great and informative lessons!”

Stephanie Reynolds

“It really helpful!”


“Very detailed and helpful!”


“Excellent information delivered in a timely manner. ”

Anonymous user

“This class was well laid out and easy to follow and complete.”

Stephanie J Fitch

“Easy to follow, great insight!”

Megan McKinney

“Great resource for Business Writing.”

Eric Phillips

“This has been my favorite! I feel this one will be most beneficial to my everyday use.”

Katelynn Thomas

“This course was well presented. The information was current, clear and concise. ”

Helen Chay-Nelson

“Very informative. Great course!”

Rolanda Ferdinand-Taylor

“Big fan of this course. As more and more aspects of professional communication move towards electronic exchange it's important that we learn how to use them. ”

Fabian Tesoro

“Practical and precise course which is suitable across different scenarios ”

Tam Florence Nga Ting

“This course was extremely helpful as it covered a wide range of professional business writing for not only personal use but for businesses small or large.”

Tennille Narinesingh

“Overall quite helpful.”

Helen Lymbouris

“It was very informative. I have learned some new techniques on effective business writing. ”

Noeleen Scodnick

“I found the course helpful. The video tutorials, sample solutions and quiz were all very engaging. Thanks!”

Lucinda Rasmussen

“Very interesting.”


“Really interesting, offering great tips and excellent advice.”

Charlotte Davis

“The Business Writing course provides a great resource tool to connect with a wide business audience. Specifically promoting the power of well thought out internal business communication, interdepartmental correspondence, customer enquiry, website advertising and multimedia feedback. The program has renewed my personal drive to write with direction and logic. I have learnt to capture purpose, write with structure and present commercial ethos positively, throughout the course syllabus. Thanks again GoSkills for another excellent career advancement package of learning!”

Fleur Pepper, Office Assistant

“It was really informative, and very polished. I'm dusting off my skills from a bit of a career hiatus that led to an overseas adventure. As my return to the US approaches, I'm looking to resume my accounting career, and these courses have been really helpful. I just wanted to say thanks - and great work! ”

Tracie Brown

“I think the documents I produce at work have a more professional polish now, I'm glad I decided to take this course, I found it to be very interesting and informative. ”

Susan Ingram

“I have found the Business Writing course to be quite helpful and easy to apply in my work environment. I found It to be concise and relevant to an ever changing world and working environment. It summarizes the key elements and principles to apply in Business communication, from prospective employees to company's hiring, to Business Marketing tools. Well done for reminding me of the importance of effective communication in the work place!”

Gareth Van Heerden