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GoSkills reviews – Project Management Basics

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Project Management Basics course:

“This course was absolutely wonderful!! I can't wait to learn more about Project Management!”

Joshua Joy

“Lots of information”

Justin Haynes

“Good, time efficient lessons. Makes for a good, quick start to my day.”


“This was a great introductory course. It was easy to follow and laid some good building blocks for both team and project management.”

Karyn Bonney

“Every phase of the project explained in detail”

Wilson Salvi

“I love this course. it is very knowledgeable for me.”

Olena Dudko

“This is an outstanding tool that can benefit a lot of communities , young and old !!”

John C, Nelson,Jr.

“Very clear and concise information.”

Kari Burnstad

“Nice overview of project management, I will go for more”

Martin Gemme

“The class was straightforward. The content was broken down to being easy to understand.”

Joseph King

“Great course ”


“The course was a great starting point in understanding Project Management!”

Julie Mattson

“Good follow-up on the CAPM Foundations course.”

Crystal M. Owen

“It was an amazing course. I got to learn a lot from it.”


“Helped a ton, Thanks”

Tiffany Hurley

“Interesting from start to finish! The course content is just right to learn the basics of project management, and it is easy to learn.”

Nehal Magdy Mohamed Rifaat

“i enjoyed this course”

Aiste Glinskaite

“i enjoyed this course”

Aiste Glinskaite

“Always interesting each time I take this management course.”


“Great course. The instructor broke every step down. Very clear and helpful.”

Camille A Jones