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GoSkills reviews – Project Management Basics

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Project Management Basics course:

“This course is very helpful, concise, informative ”


“Great Course, I enjoyed every step of it”


“Easy and flexible to follow with short videos.”


“Absolutely worth it!”


“The course content was well put together and easy to digest. ”


“Loved how easy it was to learn! ”

Sarah Benni

“Very informative, lots of illustrations, information nicely broken down into manageable chunks. Really good resources including audio transcript, summary notes, quizzes and exercises to further your knowledge.”


“Very informative, thank you!”

Veronica Cooper

“I thought that the content was effective. It gives a broad overview of basic project managing concepts in a simple, yet informative way. Lessons are short, bite-sized pieces of content that is easily digestible and then the concepts are solidified in the quiz after each lesson. I enjoyed this course and recommend it for anyone looking for a basic overview of project management concepts.”


“The course was a great starting point in understanding Project Management!”

Julie Mattson

“Interesting from start to finish! The course content is just right to learn the basics of project management, and it is easy to learn.”

Nehal Magdy Mohamed Rifaat

“Amazing course that provides great foundational information ”

Sarah Heller