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“Really insightful, and provided me with the understanding I needed from the ground up for project management.”

James Thomas Parsons

“Very informative and useful for my level of learning. Clear explanation of terminology and relevance to current practice.”

Alison Faulkner

“Great format. Very intuitive.”

Mark Banks

“I found the course a concise and efficient way of delivering the necessary information for the basics of Project Management!”

Christian McLeish

“Very Informative and useful content. Well Done.”

Darshan Naidoo

“Really good basic course. Learn the fundamentals of project management at a time to suit you. Springboard in my career. ”

Simon Wassell

“I found the course very informative. I have never had any formal project management training, however, now I feel as if I can have a better grip on teams and project planning. Im looking forward to the next course!”

Ruben Caudle

“Excellent introduction!”

Oliver Stutz

“Great overview of the basics! Content is easy to understand.”

Victoria Louie

“Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I loved this course, it is so easy to learn and the videos are easy to understand. I have learned a lot that I can apply to my small business. Thank you :)”

Vuyokazi Nazo

“As a first timer and new to PM I was happy to find the course easy to follow and informative. I have a very good grasp of how PM works and what it entails. I look forward to the next classes.”

Peter Staniunas

“I found this course professionally put together with step by step lessons which made the process simple and easy to use. Well done, I don't have any hesitation in recommending this course.”

Peter William Gunn

“Project Management Basics was the key to starting me off on a new career. Thanks GoSkills!”

Peter McDade

“The course flow and structure is fantastic. Enjoyed it, and found it very rewarding and insightful. Congratulations Goskills, nicely done.”

Amado Gonzalez

“Awesome! Informative and so helpful :) I can't wait to do my next course ”

Alyssa Margarete Lahner

“The course was excellent. ”

Shona Hazel Seetahal

“Excellent. Well paced and very practical. Thanks”

Babatunde Fakunle

“I found the course to be a good refresher for Project Management fundamentals.”

Stephen Ignazio Alois

“Was very informative and gave a good understanding of basic project management.”

Juraisha Naidoo

“This course is very clear and appropriate for a beginner in this field of study.”

Ariel Alecx Dianzon

“Very informative, well structured, clear and concise.”

Jacqui Sturgiss

“This was excellent exposure to the Project Management environment.”

Anna Petronella Mostert

“Useful, well presented and enjoyable. A good introduction.”

Nick Stewart

“Great course. Very interesting and informative.”

Christine Moran

“Great comprehensive review (and reminder of) Project Management context and stakes. Well presented. Enjoyed. Thank you.”

Elaine Youngleson

“Very good introductory course.”

Paulo Sousa

“It's well explained and easy to follow and understand.”

Rebeca Gómez Vez

“The individual lessons were easy to understand. Also enjoyed the individual exercises and quizzes, as this allowed you to fully understand the course at hand.”

Vandra Wiehahn

“For me as a beginner I found it very simple to understand and the course flowed well into the next.”

Megan Blair

“Very good and informative.”

Hilary Palmer

“The course is very qualitative, in-depth and up to the standard I expect any online course to meet. The facilitator delivered lessons in the course in a way that even a student that is weak in studies will be able to understand all concepts and lessons well enough, citing practicable examples from his wealth of experience and without any form of ambiguity. The quality of the certificate too is something that is thrilling to me. This is about the best online course I have taken so far and I am not mincing words at all. I recommend GoSkills to anyone that wants quality career advancement.”

Olusesan Otolorin

“Great pacing, clear language lessons and quizzes felt consistent.”

Bert Heymans

“The fact that the training was very detailed and you could replay the videos was great especially for beginners. Loved and enjoyed it :)”

Firdows Jardien

“Thank you, Ray Sheen and GoSkills, for the great course. Information was delivered concisely, without experiencing monotony or boredom. Highly recommended as a foundation in PM.”

Claire Bruwer

“Excellent content, quality and price. ”

Deborah Hagopian

“Very easy to use, and great reference material. ”

Theresa Scott

“Super well explained! Thank you.”

Sebastian Salazar

“Very easy to follow and understand.”

Mark Andrew Hackett

“Is was very informative and to the point. Even if you haven't done Project Management, its core information is there. The lecturer is also extremely good and the explanations between slides helps a lot.”

Ricardo Vlotman

“Congratulations and 5* Stars all round! Enjoyed the course and will use it on future projects.”

Allistair E Frost

“This was the first of many courses I hope to complete with Go Skills! I feel that my marketability will improve with each additional certificate.”

Tanya Lewis

“Very helpful and lots of knowledge gained! ”

Diego Gomez

“A good course for a beginner in Project Management.”

Patricia Laing

“Enjoyable experience, so simple and excellent tutorials. Thanks so much. Will definitely be back to do more courses. ”

Shaheen Mohamed

“Very well presented. Easy to take in the information. Thank you.”

Dawn Murphy

“This provided an excellent baseline knowledge as to the fundamentals of project management as well as exercises to engage the student.”

Jim De la Cruz

“Learned a lot, basic and easy to understand.”

Jomar Snyman

“I have learnt a lot that I didn't know from the course and I am glad I did it.”

Esther Sentletse

“This introduction to project management was extremely informative and helpful, I would recommend it to any project leader in any industry.”

Jori Marshall

“Very good course. Learnt a lot and was very simple to follow and use. ”

Jackson Tierney

“I had no knowledge of PM at all. Through this course, I could gain the basic knowledge, and I found it very helpful.”

Dongin Jung

“I hope this course will help me to be more efficient and effective in project management. I now have a new simple approach to structuring, running and making projects successful.”

Niamh Greene

“The instructor was very clear on their presentation with enough detail to fully understand. ”

Don Smith

“I found all provided hints and information very useful, and presented in a fashionable and very professional manner! Also given the reference guides I can look for additional details and materials to consolidate my homework on all presented chapters. Can't wait for the next step! ”

Adrian Dumitrescu

“Great understanding of project management basics! I loved this course, this will definitely help me in my career.”

Joseph Carlton Brown

“ Very organized overview of the project management process.”

Lisa D Midgette

“Great Basics Course!”

Gustavo Gonzalez

“Thanks (again) Ray Sheen for the great course on Project Management!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Each session is only 5 minutes lecture and you can repeat as much as you like. That made me easy to follow. Working with handouts and working with mini-tests is an additional 10 minutes. So I was able to work on this course at my free time. I liked it a lot.”

Kazunori Emoto

“Accurate content very well explained”

Mariela Madera

“It was an interesting overview that placed several of the pieces of terminology and actions I have had experience with into a cohesive whole. Your breakdown and overview was very helpful.”


“This course is truly informative with a comprehensive explanation in an easy to understand way. On top of that, the exercise files are undoubtedly an easy way to understand each topic much better. Though this is the basic management course, I am able to reap a lot of benefits about the technique used in project management. Thanks. ”


“A very useful review of PM processes. Even though I've had prior exposure to the principles, it was a great starting point for the rest of my learning.”

Anonymous user

“Succinct and good delivery of high level project management information.”


“Well presented. Each part is explained well and structured. ”


“Excellent interface and stats. Great content. Fun:)”

Anonymous user

“Excellent course. Very direct but also informative. I will definitely continue on to the advanced course and will continue using GoSkills for future educational needs. ”

Anonymous user

“Good course. ”


“Very efficient and easy-to-follow. I like the structure of the course overall. The subject matter is broken down into 5 min videos, followed by a review, an activity and a short quiz. I felt fully prepared for the exam at the end. Thank you for a great course!”


“I've learned a who lot and perticurlary liked the quizzes at the end of each course. Thank you”


“Very easy to understand and follow. Information was presented clearly.”


“Great course! One of the most enjoyable course structure I'd ever taken.”

Anonymous user

“Clear and concise information. Thank you!”

Trista Mosman

“Very informative and well organized course.”


“Very informative course! I definitely can implement this in my projects.”


“A very good course to start with. A perfect balance of activities (theory comprehension, quizzes, homework).”

Anonymous user

“I enjoyed that this course was so easy to follow and had all the resources that I needed in order to understand Project Management better. I look forward to taking the rest of the courses and getting my certification.”


“Very informative. Easily understood and followed. A good foundation for understanding project management skills.”

Anonymous user

“great refresher course!”

Sarah Nelson

“I wasn't sure what to expect with this course, but I really enjoyed it. I have been a PM for most of the last 20 years, but most of my training has been OTJ. ”


“A very concise run-through of project management basics.”


“I was reluctant to move forward with this course initially but as it turns out, breaking down the course material into various 4-6 minute increments was helpful. With this work breakdown structure, I was able to understand the instructions without feeling overwhelmed.”

Karen L. Sandlin

“This class was an excellent intro into project management. You won't be ready to run a complex project on your own, but after completing this course you will posses the terminology required to speak to professionals in management.”


“Great teaching and well put together.”


“The instructor is knowledgeable and presents everything clearly.”

Eirini Siegling

“The course is fantastic. I like Ray and how he explains, sometimes with examples of his experience. Thank you so much for this opportunity to follow this cours.”

Christopher Forker

“Great course , very clear and concise, the examples and the exercises were very helpful”

Fabio Antonio Gonzalez Sanchez

“Rewarding to say the least.”


“Great overview! I learned a lot! ”

Brandon Wayne Hale

“Very user friendly and good information to use.”


“Loved it! Can't wait to learn more. ”

“Fantastic introduction to project management and all the key areas covered, with the addition of a superb instructor.”

Kristian Clements

“Great video length. Great review and exercises. I learned a lot about the project management basics from this course. ”


“This is a course I really enjoyed and love, it was challenging and very informative, this information will help me in my everyday life, home and work alike. I feel excited to apply the knowledge I have gained in this course. I am enlightened and grateful for the quality, professional tutoring this had to offer. Thanks a million.”


“This course was very informative and provided a great deal of knowledge on the topic.”

Adam Sookdeo

“very useful information and helpful tips. Thank you...”


“Good basic knowledge on project management.”

Andrew Titus

“Great information ”

Anonymous user



“The Project Management Basics online course was very helpful and very well presented! I enjoyed the course very much! Busy with my Advanced Photoshop and it is fantastic! Thanks guys!”

Natasha Nel

“I found the Project Management Basics online course videos easy to follow and understand, and the quizzes are helpful to reinforce the topics learned in each module. I would learn through GoSkills again.”

Amanda Chu, Account Manager

“The course was a great insight into Project management, easy to grasp with enough detail to have a full understanding.”

Cheryl Pomee, Systems Engineer

“I thought that this course was valuable and worth the time it took to complete it. It was an good educational experience in the most convenient way due to the distance learning aspect of it. I am incredibly grateful and would definitely recommend it to anyone that was looking to further their education and professional skill-set. ”

Victoria Urruela, Sales Associate, Weichert Realty

“I found this course to be informative, easy to understand the content and clearly set out. Really enjoyed the PM Basics course!”

Sheryl Olsson, Education Assistant