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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic course:

“A well paced course with the most valuable information for quick data analysis.”

Lisa Gabriel

“Great instruction - Easy to follow and understand.”

Sondra Zak

“Very helpful!”

Annette Campbell

“I learned a lot in this course.”

Jolee Faison

“Very well explained. I also like how we can pause & rewind the lessons as many times as we need to get the information. Instructor was great. ”


“Easy to follow, great examples that can be done in real time and good instruction that makes you feel like the instructor cares.”

Meaghan McVicker

“Very well organized and taught. ”


“Excellent course I learnt plenty ”

Lee Harrold

“Great course to learn Excel fundamentals.”

Rochelle Earl

“Thanks for the training. It was great being able to follow along. The step-by-step instructions and quizzes were easy to understand and gave great explanation.”

Turmyra Frith

“Really enjoyed this”


“Very good”


“Great Course. I really learned a lot. ”

Phillip Covarrubia

“Easy to learn and follow the steps. It is very helpful to take the quizzes at the end of each video and to do the steps on your own excel spreadsheet while watching the videos. ”

Kaila Weider

“Very informative !”

lisa rigge

“Amazing!!!! So detailed and awesome little tips!!!! Can't wait to continue learning :) I would recommend this course to everyone!!!”


“great course”


“This was Great!”

Debra Naugle

“I really enjoyed working on this course, i felt that it explained all the information required to pass each lesson in the best manner. 10/10”

Anthony Joseph Myers

“Great material and teacher.”

Siegfried Chaloupka