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GoSkills reviews – Introduction to CSS

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Introduction to CSS course:

“I have a better understanding of the process.”

Kenneth D. Teasley

“This was a great course! It was easy to learn and understand - even for a novice. Very interesting and useful John is a great teacher.”

Lisa G. Allen

“Amazing course. Loved every second of learning this.”

Swikar Bhattarai

“Instructor was easy to understand and follow. ”

Gina Mcewen

“Fun and the instructor made things easy to follow. ”

Daniel Edward May

“Learned so much!”

Lori Thompson

“It is good to take the class on demand to refresh concepts as needed. Thank you. ”

Tina D Cervantes

“Awesome Course. The Instructor was great. He made everything plain and simple and easy to follow!”

Rasheek K. Johnson


Jose De leon

“Great course!”

Dušan Mišjak

“It was fun and informative.”

Joseph C. Boeggeman, Jr.

“Another great course from John Elder. Explained so well and at a rapid pace, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. ”

Nicholas Gill

“I thought this was a great course to take. It helped re-solidify some concepts and allowed me the opportunity to put those concepts into practice on my own. The videos are short and to the point. The instructor was great and I liked how he showed the different options and styles that you could use when writing an element. The quizzes and other resource tools are also very helpful in making sure that you're able to understand and lock in the material.”