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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Teams Training

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Teams Training course:

“More knowledge up under my belt that i didn't know much about. so thank you.”

Rene'e Freeman

“Great training information. I feel confident utilizing Teams now.”


“lesson was very informative. and was well received. ”

Pamela Graham

“I really enjoyed this course and the tools and resources it provided. These resources will come in handy for future use. I appreciated the pace and organization of the course. The facilitator did a great job. Thanks. ”

Patricia Debassige

“I enjoyed the course. It was very thorough and clear. Thank you.”


“Very informative ”

Yvonne Ramirez

“Deb Ashby excellent job!!!! Energy and presentation of course was on point!!! 🏆”

Tierre Wright