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GoSkills reviews – Communication Skills Basics

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Communication Skills Basics course:

“Great Instructor he kept my attention through all the video's . All the course were Encouraging and Motivated and Positive.”

Leah Singleton

“Useful communication tips.”

Ria Ali

“Very informative. I would love to look back at this as a refresher sometime. I feel more confident in communicating. ”

Sabrina Banks

“Very informative an eye opener. It will definitely help me improve my skills”


“I liked TJ. Enjoyed his candor.”


“Exceptional course”

Khulekani Nhlanhla Mdluli

“Thanks for sharing your experience and your information , it is amazing course ”

Mohamed Taha

“wonderful basics class that I was able to digest easily and had good takeaways.”


“Communicative ”

Charity Crews

“This course is very helpful. Practice makes perfect! ”

Virna Raquel A. Falsis

“TJ Walker makes the course easy to understand, I really enjoy his courses.”

Hidei Xiong

“This course is great to learn and understand the basics. The biggest take away from this course is to practice, practice practice! and make sure that whenever you speak you focus on the audience's needs and give interesting stories that connect to your key points. ”

Brittany A. Thomas

“This is a great course with great advice. TJ helps you remember tricks and advice quite easily all with just his presentation ability”

Marc Harris

“I had no idea how to prepare for a good presentation, now I have the knowledge, thank you very much.”


“Good, common-sense, useful, and practical methods for improving one's communication skills. Great pointers! Thank you!!”

Shahla Pirnia