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GoSkills reviews – Introduction to SQL

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Introduction to SQL course:

“This was an awesome course. I was able to follow along and practice what the instructor was telling me. It really has me interested in data analytics and I'm excited to watch another course!”


“You made it very simple to learn! Thank you!”

Danae R Richardson

“This has been a great program for learning basic SQL and I look forward to other courses. Thank you so much for having such awesome learning material.”

Shawna L. Adkins-Gray

“Thank you, John Elder! This was a concise introduction to SQL. I liked the course design and videos! The quizzes reinforced the important points in the video segments. Well done!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“This course is a GREAT introduction to SQL. Would recommend! ”

Ian Jesse

“This course was educational and fun. The instructor sounded very friendly and was a pleasure to listen to.”

James Dyke

“It is the best platform to learn SQL, I believe.”

Prem Prakash Srivastava

“Nice course. It was short and easy to learn, not boring at all.”

Swapnil Choudhary

“Very informative and loved the way he has taught it.”

Salman Afzal

“Excellent course for a beginner.”

Anoop Suraj Ambikumar

“The instruction was very concise, the visuals were very helpful.”

Heather Boyd

“I had some SQL experience and wanted to see what this course had to offer. It was very straight forward and definitely useful for any SQL beginner. The instructor did an excellent job explaining each SQL statement in all the videos. ”

Randy Jashinski

“Great Course. Easy to follow and understand. Excellent Instructor”

Rasheek K. Johnson

“I'm very happy with this course! Thanks a lot!”




“Well laid out and useful information.”

Lance Broyden

“very good beginner’s course ”

Soshinie A. Singh

“Excellent course. Easy and straight forward!”

Anthony Lee Howard