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GoSkills reviews – Introduction to SQL

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Introduction to SQL course:

“this is a beautiful course I have learned with I want to thank Go Skills for this course made it so easy. It is perfectly set up to understand everything one by one. ”

Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri

“Great place to start with SQL”

Tanya Davis-Castro

“Very complete course and good tests.”

Horacio Rodriguez Centeno

“John taught the material in an easy to understand manner which made this course perfect for beginners!”

Leon Lorenzo Espenilla

“I learnt more about SQL in this course than in the two weeks we covered it in my university course - thanks for making it easy!”


“Recommended, very welcoming for a beginner. The teaching method adopted is very effective for learning.”

Oluwayemisi Juliana Bolajoko

“Very good course. I'm familiar with similar programs and the instructor's approach was very friendly and would appeal to a person new to this kind of thing. Very good. ”


“This was an awesome course. I was able to follow along and practice what the instructor was telling me. It really has me interested in data analytics and I'm excited to watch another course!”


“You made it very simple to learn! Thank you!”

Danae R Richardson

“This has been a great program for learning basic SQL and I look forward to other courses. Thank you so much for having such awesome learning material.”

Shawna L. Adkins-Gray

“The instructor has explained the course clearly. ”

Maliha Wasim

“This course is a GREAT introduction to SQL. Would recommend! ”

Ian Jesse

“Thank you, John Elder! This was a concise introduction to SQL. I liked the course design and videos! The quizzes reinforced the important points in the video segments. Well done!!”

Shahla Pirnia

“This course was educational and fun. The instructor sounded very friendly and was a pleasure to listen to.”

James Dyke

“It is the best platform to learn SQL, I believe.”

Prem Prakash Srivastava