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GoSkills reviews – Customer Service Training

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Customer Service Training course:

“Really liked the instructor!”


“awesome information!”

Anonymous user

“I found this course beneficial and I hope my staff does too. Thank you.”


“I thought the presenter was excellent!”

Anonymous user

“That is a great course. This course has a lot of information that could be used in our daily life. I enjoyed learning about customer service and plan to apply it in the workplace. I hope to give a class to my employees' soon. It is much needed.”

Anonymous user

“I enjoyed the videos and the structure of the course.”

Simona Hoyos

“I found this class to be fun because of the teacher. I like him. He is engaging, and makes me feel comfortable and relatable. Some of the statistics were higher than I thought. Interesting to learn. ”

Rae Bruno

“Awesome training! Love the enthusiam. Great content and effective presentation of skills.”

Anonymous user

“Great training!”

Reynard C. Natividad

“I really enjoyed the course and all of the information. It is very helpful and useful for my job. David was a fabulous speaker. ”

Megan Jeter

“super easy and useful”

Christopher Mandile

“Speaker is very personable and knowledgeable. He was easy to follow and upbeat.”

Sonja Moug

“David is an excellent trainer. His energy and enthusiasm make the course extremely engaging and easy to follow. ”


“Practical, wise, & fun!”


“Very engaging lessons!”

Dave Emmanuel Sibulo Santos

“Extraordinary coach! I have enjoyed the course a lot!!”

Maria Jose Canas

“Effective, nice and positive trainer.”

Iwona Hauke

“Very much detailed and efficient. Thank you. ”

Imi Kozma

“This was a great course at a really great price! A lot of information, love the transcripts, notes and reference. The quizzes are great too. I would definitely recommend this course and Thank you! ”

Michelle R Brown

“Well presented, concise and educational”

Errol Taitt