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“This was a great course at a really great price! A lot of information, love the transcripts, notes and reference. The quizzes are great too. I would definitely recommend this course and Thank you! ”

Michelle R Brown

“Very much detailed and efficient. Thank you. ”

Imi Kozma

“Effective, nice and positive trainer.”

Iwona Hauke

“Extraordinary coach! I have enjoyed the course a lot!!”

Maria Jose Canas

“The training was awesome. I'm going to apply all these concepts in the my job as a customer care specialist in a medical diagnostics company. Hope my bosses and coworkers signed online for this excellent training.”

Pietro Ferrario

“Very engaging lessons!”

Dave Emmanuel Sibulo Santos

“I really enjoyed the course and all of the information. It is very helpful and useful for my job. David was a fabulous speaker. ”

Megan Jeter

“David is an excellent trainer. His energy and enthusiasm make the course extremely engaging and easy to follow. ”


“I found this class to be fun because of the teacher. I like him. He is engaging, and makes me feel comfortable and relatable. Some of the statistics were higher than I thought. Interesting to learn. ”

Rae Bruno

“I enjoyed the videos and the structure of the course.”

Simona Hoyos

“That is a great course. This course has a lot of information that could be used in our daily life. I enjoyed learning about customer service and plan to apply it in the workplace. I hope to give a class to my employees' soon. It is much needed.”

Anonymous user

“I thought the presenter was excellent!”

Anonymous user

“I found this course beneficial and I hope my staff does too. Thank you.”


“This course provided some excellent ideas and was very inspiring.”

Anonymous user

“Awesome training! Love the enthusiam. Great content and effective presentation of skills.”

Anonymous user

“Great suggestions/ideas that can be applied to virtually any customer service setting.”

Anonymous user

“Really liked the instructor!”


“Excellent! Thank you!”

MattandKelley Bailey

“I liked that the lessons were short, but to the point and that David recapped the information at the end of each session. A lot of very good information. Thank you!”


“Speaker is very personable and knowledgeable. He was easy to follow and upbeat.”

Sonja Moug

“The course was very educative and the best of it was Mr. David, his enthusiasm and energy was a plus!!”

Isabel Rivera Rodríguez

“I thought this course was clear, complete, easy to understand, and helpful for delivering better customer service.”

Benji Xochimitl

“awesome information!”

Anonymous user

“Good job! I like how the course is clear and informative. ”

Rabab Zahwi

“A fantastic course, and very well presented. Well worth the time, and I will certainly be putting these principles into practice. Very valuable, and worth coming back to watch again in the future to review.”

Anonymous user

“Great Course!”

Swati Srinath

“David is an excellent instructor. The way he teaches really sticks. In fact, he is so good, I re-subscribed to GoSkills to finish this course. The lessons are simple but incredibly valuable. Would recommend this course to newbies and as a refresher. 10/10 ”

Monika Lowerre

“I found the course to be very helpful and insightful. ”

Paul Hufnagel

“Practical, wise, & fun!”


“Great training!”

Reynard C. Natividad

“Excellent customer services course for beginners learning. ”


“Excellent course because David makes it so.”

Sam P. French

“It was awesome. Thank you very much. ”


“Exceptional videos. Updating my skills was a real pleasure, thanks to GoSkills I can walk away with the knowledge of how to deal with people with customer service skills and knowledge.”


“Very positive training course, highly recommend taking this course.”

April Miller

“Very helpful and very informative!”

“Enjoyed the story he told to enhance the learning process of each module.”

Althea Baptiste

“I like the short videos, they helped to retain the information.”

Michael English

“I enjoyed each session because it was short and easy to understand. ”

Anonymous user

“Excellent instructor who focuses on the main points to remember. Thank you! ”


“I have been in customer service my whole life and pride myself, I still learned great skills from this course!”

Ms Bonita Bonogofski

“I found this course very informative”

Hayley Beeby

“Great Course”

Nely Perdomo

“I find this course really helpful to complete our knowledge about customer service and how to treat our customers to make them feel happy and taken care of.”

Giselle Vargas



“I liked this, it was quick and had some great tips. Language does a huge difference in customer service so I found that I could improve that a little.”

Maria Hernandez

“Very energetic and passionate instructor that communicates well!”

Jonathan Coupe

“Extremely Helpful course and David keeps you awake and interested. Found my self laughing outload a few times. After being a Hair Stylists for over 20 years, and now changing my career path, I'd highly recommend this course for future and senior stylists across the globe. ”

Elizabeth Karcher

“Amazing!! Very easy to follow. Great lecturer, he explained everything clearly. ”


“This was great! I loved it!”


“Very accurate info and very very helpful!”

Rafa Kattán

“Very interesting and helpful.”

Edenilson Fernando Larrazabal Alvarado

“Thank you! Very inspirational & helpful. ”

Tabita Fonte

“Very engaging and informative!”


“Very knowledgeable and informative. Speaker has a very interesting delivery voice. ”

April Medrano

“This course was excellent! I have learned so much about customer services.”

Seidel Waldron

“The material was easy to understand and the lecturer was excellent in his delivery.”

Terry-Ann Lewis

“I have been working in customer service for over 10 years and still found this course very helpful and refreshing! David is excellent! ”

Jackie Vicente

“Great course! Loved the videos and presenter. :)”

Erin Bienkowski

“Excellent content, concise and to the point, trainer was very knowledgeable and had an actual experience to make comparisons and keep you in tuned. The ninja skills learnt here will go a long way in how I approach dealing with customers.”

Sheena Martin

“Loved the way the gentlemen gave detail to the different topics that he talked about. I learned a lot from the review of the test I took after each topic.”

Sharon Middioni