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GoSkills reviews – Scrum for Team Members

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Scrum for Team Members course:

“I enjoyed learning about Agile Scrum methodology and can’t wait to apply the principles to my work environment.”

Sean Cohen

“Thank you for the great experience, I really enjoy taking this class. It is not my first Scrum training, but this is better than the previous one that I have taken!”


“Very interesting course about teams....”


“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“In Ray Sheen, PMP, we trust <3”

Kyle Letham

“Beautiful learning ”

Thomas Roa

“Easy to follow and informative”

Melelatai Tipton

“Pretty interesting course laid out for just about anyone to understand the basic concepts of Scrum. I have a better understanding of it after asking "What is that?"”

James Dyke

“Just the right amount of depth to learn and speak about Scrum. ”

Michelle Schuster

“As with other GoSkills course, I really like the concise coverage of the material along with well thought out quizzes and tests.”

Bill Gillaspey

“Very simple and straightforward explanations.”

Anonymous user

“Great introduction into the world of Agile/Scrum and understanding of each member's role on a Scrum Team!”


“Good course. Straight to the point and informative.”

Aaron H. Williams

“Well paced and very informative.”


“Very informative, and good mix of diagrams and lecture! Quizzes were great at reinforcing the lesson without being too cumbersome.”

Dan Kuriluk

“Very interesting. very clear and motivating explanations”

Raul Araque

“Actually, very well done. I found the narrator engaging and really liked the transitions/digital affects.”

Mike Kraft

“I enjoy this training and would continue to do so. Thank you very much. ”

Sherien Hefny

“Excellent course! Helped me to understand more about what the SCRUM team do and what my role will be as a product owner. Would definitely recommend!”

Rene Staunton