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GoSkills reviews – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis course:

“Excellent ”

Xolani Caleni

“The course content is simple, effective and useful. Learnt and able to rectify some wrong understandings. ”


“Ray is the best coach for this information, thank you for all the help!!”

Justin Shake

“Great training with awesome materials, great explanation. Thanks a lot. ”


“I would highly recommend this training course! Having a number of years of experience on the subject matter I still learned a great deal from participating in this course. I found the balance between the video presentations and supporting course materials was excellent. The activities and quizzes in support of each of the learning outcomes were a great way to recap and challenge your learning.”

Derek McLurg

“The host very efficiently delivered the material and described things briefly and concisely allowing it to be taken in easily.”

Siegfried Chaloupka

“Educational and informative course. It explains all aspects of conducting a FMEA and includes the criticality of a FMECA. Highly recommend this course.”


“This course is great. I am quite clear about how to use FMEA now. Although I am a recent graduate and a newbie, this course has given me a stepping stone to get started. Thanks for precise and clear instructions. At first, it seemed confusing, but as I took time to understand with the exercises, I felt pretty confident. Thank you for the awesome course. ”

Chirag Paladiya

“Great examples, clear explanations and the test was appropriate.”

Patrick C. Clancy

“Good content regarding FMEA.”