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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel for Mac - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel for Mac - Basic & Advanced course:

“Very informative with excellent learning and testing techniques.”

Chirag Gulati

“Very extensive but great information that I didn't know!”

Shayne Gonzalez

“Awesome teacher loving this class. I'm learning so much and very excited to continue learning Thank You very much.”

Nadine Miranda

“Very informational and comprehensive ”

Thomas Anglim

“Great course, the exercises are really helpful.”

Abril Lizeth Martinez Salas

“So informative and easy to use. You made learning excel fun and I now feel confident using the program. Thank you!”


“Very well explained and so easy to follow the advanced level in Excel.”

Enerieta Dergjini

“Great course and really enjoyed the practiced lessons”

Tracey Lee NIcole Conrad

“Very clear and engaging! ”

Chloe Ter-Berg

“Really nice videos to watch, super specific and shows how user-friendly Excel can be.”


“Brilliant course. Well-taught, engaging, thorough and clear. The tests and practice worksheets were particularly helpful for consolidating knowledge and as a revision tool for the final exam. ”



Vjekoslava D. Lukovic

“very helpful, learned a lot ”

Laura Sereda

“Learned loads! well worth doing both basics and advanced sections as you pick up helpful tips and tricks along the way! ”

Daniel Verma

“Very helpful! I learned a lot!”

Sarah Crouch

“Very informative-the videos help a lot to follow along. ”

Kristina Cowan

“Excellent explanations and very useful practice files!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to discover the powerful tools of Excel. ”

Phillip Venter

“Great coverage of material!”

Peter Hunt

“I love how easy GoSkills makes it to learn even the most advanced things about Excel. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn Excel.”

Nicholas Donaldson

“Very good teaching in handy bite sized lessons. I learned loads!”

Miles Russell