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GoSkills reviews – Speaking Skills for Leaders

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Speaking Skills for Leaders course:

“Enjoyed this one from TJ”

Justin Haynes

“This course was extremely helpful on how to be a better speaker and present my ideas more thoroughly to my audience!!”

Joshua Joy

“This Leadership course is a valuable tool to know how to be an effective leader.”

Nicole Wells-Woods

“TJ Walker is a great motivator. Thanks!”

James H. Champion II

“Great training, it will help me build my confidence.”

Carolyne Injete Ambani

“Engaging and full of useful information!”

Natalie Powers

“I loved learning how important it is to deliver a great speech.”

Marqueda Greene

“I never knew any of this information. I can't wait to put it to use! Great course!”


“I learned more than I had anticipated I would, it was excellent”


“TJ actually shows where most people go wrong and how to improve it. I have to admit, I'm a whole lot better and happier for it.”

Colleen M. Dion

“Very well taught !”

Ansen Moore

“always a pleasure. he is a very good lecturer”

Julitta Sharon James-Stephen

“great course”

Tyson Richard

“Great tips. Concise and easy to follow.”


“Easy to understand.”

Jenny Fais

“Great content and was easy to digest/execute”

Matthew Williams

“Very helpful tips for public speaking. ”

Patricia Debassige


Colleta Mellanie Mpaka