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“Outstanding coach and trainer!”

Pietro Ferrario

“Great content, I enjoyed it. ”

Clay Miale

“This coach was very easy to listen to. He made sense in everything he said. I learned a lot. Thank you.”

Toni Rahn Galster

“Expert tutoring.”

Arun Sebastian Abey

“Great coach. I really enjoyed his demeanor. Thank you. ”

Tara Stamper

“Amazing coach!!! I loved this course, I found it very motivating!”

Maria Jose Canas

“As I am moving into a leadership role, I can honestly say, I have heard some ideas that will be helpful to me.”

Amie Donald

“I love the wisdom and enthusiasm of the lecturer/coach for this series. I look forward to more of his courses. ”

Chelsea Seiller

“Awesome Teacher!”

Jake Kegley

“I found this course in the Soft Skills area of the courses offered through Go Skills. I liked this course, and I like the teacher too. He is engaging, makes you understand, and doesn't go too fast. ”

Rae Bruno

“Great course. Speaker was very clear and skilled.”

Samuel Eyassu

“Very helpful and motivating! Love the instructor!”


“The instructor is great. Also, I believe it really helps that some of the questions are asked repeatedly.”


“Great view on leadership! ”

Jen Hribar-Wala

“Awesome! Love this teacher!”

Chad C. Treadaway

“I found this to be a wonderful course. Very insightful. The instructor was positive & uplifting. ”

Franci D. Machado

“This guy was amazing and easy to relate to! Thank you for giving some of the best training! I am not a leader but I have learned more than I thought I would! :)”

Shona Ferreira

“I love this coach!”

Michele Rhoten


Lakeiya Weber

“Very good for a basic 101 course on leadership. ”

Samantha Darvin

“This course was great. It broke down how to be a leader in different steps. It also showed different ways for completing goals.”


“This was a very informative course. The instrctor made it very easy to understand and gave great examples.”


“Dave shines as always.”

Sam P. French

“Excellent learning made easy/effective!”

Brandon Moore

“Thank you. Motivating instructor, current and relevant material in the course. ”


“The speaker had great energy and was very engaging. I learned a lot, and I highly recommend this lesson to every leader.”

Anonymous user

“Very informative and helpful”

Kirtsen Baird-Boyce

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Great information and well presented! ”


“Training officer very knowledgeable and articulate.”


“Relevant, informative, easy to understand”


“I love to see David teach. He is truly passionate and makes learning easy.”

Ashia Forde

“Very informative, especially the different types of leadership and using leverage to get results. I've learnt alot, and I'm ready to use what was learnt in my everyday working environment as a supervisor. Thank you for all information provided. ”


“This is an essential course for every manager, supervisor and/or team leader.”

Nadia Raphael

“I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see this presenter again. Great work as usual! Engaging and Insightful!”

Amanda Wood-Salomon


Keto .D. Harvey

“Great teacher! Excellent speaking style that’s easy to understand and follow along with. ”

Jesse Krause

“Well spoken teacher.”

Michael Lanehart

“The course was very well constructed and captured key areas.”


“Great program! There were several points I hadn't considered or been exposed to. This will definitely help me. ”

Ken Groves

“This course was really insightful. ”

Tanya McCants

“The presenter has a positive attitude and a great tone.”

Rola Ramadan

“Excellent course . It was very easy to keep up and his use of real time examples made everything make sense . So far this has been the best course I have completed and I look forward to completing others in the future.”

Harold McDonald

“I thought the presenter was great, he was easy to pay attention to and was engaging even through video. ”


“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Information and examples used throughout the course were on point and easily relatable. The short segments also made it very user friendly and therefore manageable. The presenter’s enthusiasm, encouragement and enjoyment was infectious. It made the learning experience a joy. ”

Donna Macintyre