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GoSkills reviews – Leadership Training

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Leadership Training course:

“Awesome and love the recaps at the end of every video ”

Justin Haynes

“Mr. Brownlee is such a great speaker. He makes learning fun with his stories. ”


“So far the best coach I had!!”

Martin Gemme

“This was a big help ,”

Patricia Wilson

“I enjoyed these lessons and feel they have given me a better understanding in the ways I need to lead!”

Joshua Collier

“Great speaker, made course enjoyable, and was very informative”

Richard W Chapman jr

“It is a very interesting course and useful as well. Thank you.”

Svitlana Vazhenina

“Easy to understand and key learning addressed ”

Yolanda Tyrer

“I loved the style the instructor had. Very engaging! ”

Lauren Landells

“Excellent course and great delivery. Very Informative, I learned more leadership styles in this course than I knew about. ”

Jackson Hampton

“Awesome course, love the enthusiasm from the Teacher. very clear and makes it all easy to understands”

Dobbins, Donnie

“Courses that can markedly affect individual behavior!”




“Best way to learn”

Jitendra Kumar Shrivastava

“Thank you for a well organized, easily understandable and practical course on leadership. ”

Andrea Lawson

“Nice ”


“Excellent ”


“Excellent use of time. Lot to learn and upgrade ”

Anirudh Singh Chouhan

“good knowledge ”

Raman Sharma

“Very useful”

Sukumar K