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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft PowerPoint 365

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft PowerPoint 365 course:

“Excellent instructor. ”

Betty Anne Manning

“Very Good Course”


“I was pleased by how much I learned about great design details and formatting for power point!”

Pauline Copello

“It was very eye opening, it showed me that there is alot more that can be done with Power Point. And imagine that's only the beginning.”

Jovel Durham

“this course was so well put together,specific and interesting .”

Silvia Blue

“Well designed course that teaches all the basics.”

Sandra Schorde

“Absolutely loved this course. So easy to follow. Great pace and amazing presenter. Learnt a lot. Have recommended to several work mates.”


“Very detailed, great course!”

Rafael Ruiz

“Excellent, very user friendly course. Really enjoyed the fact that a ppt was fully built over the course of the lessons. A very clever way of incorporating the teaching of each skill.”

Stacey McNutt

“This is a brilliant course and Deb Ashby is a wonderful teacher. The whole process of producing an appealing presentation was made easy through a step-by-step guide. Thank you, Deb! ”


“Deb is so easy to listen to, and she does an excellent job talking through her steps. I felt this course was very thorough for a beginner-level course.”

Christina K. Bateman