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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Macros and VBA

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Macros and VBA course:

“Great to refresh some knowledge!”

Ana Carmen Lopez Golubowska

“Very well structured”

Rudi Oliver

“Ken explained the concepts clearly using easy-to-digest illustrations and succeeded in helping me (someone not from a programming background) understand and implement Excel macros in my daily work.”


“A good introduction to VBA, highly recommend it to anyone who would like to increase their Excel skills.”

Bianca de Beer

“Great course! Would highly recommend if you're looking to cover Macro and VBA basics. ”


“Excellent way to fill gaps. ”


“Best place to start learning about VBA/Macro's! What a great course!”

Karien Victor

“Great training material”


“Excellent, Ken Puls is an outstanding instructor. The course is clear and concise and the length of time for each lesson is conducive to retention, as well as the quiz at the end of the lesson. Thank you!”

John McCain

“I thought VBAs and Macros will be very difficult, though I have interest in that, you made it very simple and kindle my hope; after this course I realized I can really do great with VBAs. Thanks so much, I really loved this ”


“Fun learning~”

Ven Shi

“This course has helped me develop my skills with the program immensely, and I will definitely revisit these modules to refresh my knowledge. ”

Sean Adil

“Well explained with good examples and context. No overwhelming material. Suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience.”

Daniel Bright

“Ken is a good instructor. The information covered in the course is fairly comprehensive and provides a good basis for starting with macro programming.”

Deron Staffen

“Great course! Very useful and concise information, in perfect small chunks to digest!”

Andrew S. Pollastrini


Ekaterina Ivanova

“Excellent course, very useful information”

Terry Bratfish

“Excellent and more Informative learnt a lot.”

Ganesh Elumalai

“informative, easy to follow along, able to start and stop as needed.”


“I found the course very clear and well paced. The course tutor was excellent and I found him easy to listen to and to understand. Thank you. ”