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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Macros and VBA

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Macros and VBA course:

“I thought VBAs and Macros will be very difficult, though I have interest in that, you made it very simple and kindle my hope; after this course I realized I can really do great with VBAs. Thanks so much, I really loved this ”


“Similar to material covered in collegiate coding classes, this GoSkills course will enable you to converse with programmers!”

Lloyd Woodbridge

“It was absolutely a masterpiece!! enjoyed and learnt a lot”

Dilshan Anandan

“Excellent course! I have been using VBA in the context of Access and am trying to transfer those skills into the Excel world. I found many concepts that were solidified by the explanations in this course. It was very understandable and easy to follow.”

Donna Waterman

“This course has helped me develop my skills with the program immensely, and I will definitely revisit these modules to refresh my knowledge. ”

Sean Adil

“As someone who knew nothing about Macros or VBA, this course was extremely helpful. The videos were interesting and easy enough to go along with. I also loved that you can download the excel file and work with the video and that you get feedback for incorrect answers on quizzes.”


“Great course! Very useful and concise information, in perfect small chunks to digest!”

Andrew S. Pollastrini

“Excellent course, very useful information”

Terry Bratfish

“I found the course very clear and well paced. The course tutor was excellent and I found him easy to listen to and to understand. Thank you. ”


“Excellent introductory course on Excel Macros and VBA.”

Jayesh Namdeo Thakur

“A great introduction to the subject and the possibilities it offers.”

Bob King

“This is the second course I have taken so far and I am learning a ton. This was an amazing course that taught me everything I needed to start programming in VBA. Highly Recommended!”

Christian Jeremiah Ryan

“Very enlightening ”

Varun Perera

“The Excel - Macros and VBA course is excellent. Ken did a great job presenting the information in an easy to follow manner. The ability to replay videos and proceed at my own pace certainly helped me focus on the areas I found more challenging. Thanks, I will now look into the other GoSkills Excel courses!”

Peter Gatenby

“Excellent Course”

Eslam Ahmed Gouda

“This is a very solid introductory course to VBA within Microsoft Excel. Ken Puls is a great instructor who tells you everything you need to know. He is able to speak to all skill levels and add a tidbit here and there for those people at a higher level within Excel. I really appreciate him making this course because it has taught me valuable skills that I can only make in my future with VBA. Thank you Ken and Goskills for making this course!”

“I really had a nice time learning from Ken. He explanations are easy to understand! I'm really grateful to have been taught by him, this course was awesome.”

Tekena Jim-George

“A useful introduction to understanding and writing appropriate coding language in Excel.”

Rebecca Naughten

“GoSkills courses are always both informative and interesting. I enjoy doing additional training with GoSkills and enhancing my knowledge. Thank you”

Patrick Hilton

“Greate course! Excellent explanation of Macro basics.”

Alejandro Brenes