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GoSkills reviews – Google Drive & Apps

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Google Drive & Apps course:

“This course was very informative and challenging. I throughly enjoyed it and I learned a lot.”

Lorraine E Moore

“very helpful. ”

Rofique Tawhid

“Lesson was well done and the coordinator was understood.”

Pamela Graham

“Amazing as always!”

Dimitris Giannikos

“Easy to follow the course material.”

Shalati Sithole

“this was amazing! I loved it. ”


“Great Course! Broken down in small enough sections for easy retention. ”

Shelly Snyder

“Helpful and useful information! Very easy to learn!”

Destiny Marie Peña

“Before I even finished the course the things i learned were becoming invaluable to me. From assisting with work projects to helping my kids with their homework, this course was great!”

Kaitlyn Desroche

“The bite sized lessons, quizzes and the point system were helpful in completing this class! Great course, thanks a lot!”

Anagha Romi



“Very interesting things I didn't know or couldn't remember from school.”

Chrisalisse Martinez Nunez

“Very good course! Thank you!”

Mariana Stancu

“Informative and helpful ”

Tricia- Leigh Fung