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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Word - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Word - Basic & Advanced course:

“I love this self-paced platform! ”

Honey Joan Gerez Cabiladas

“super easy to follow and understand”

Michael David Wiley

“Excellent course, I learned a lot. Very easy to follow along. ”


“I learned so much about Word that I didn't know before even though I've used Word for years. It is actually amazing what all Word can do. This was definitely worth my time.”

Angela Kaye Porter

“easy to follow, instructor was excellent”

Albert T Trujillo

“I learned so much from this course! The videos are short, yet you get thorough detailed step by step instructions on how to work every aspect of Microsoft Word along with tips, tricks and shortcuts. ”

Danae Grant

“Highly recommended! The instructor was fantastic - very informative and pleasant. ”

Christi White

“The instructor had a great pace, voice, and humor. It was not only easy to follow along, but I was looking forward to the lessons every morning.”

Sonja Spinarski

“Great course, highly recommend this to everyone. ”

Shawner Powell

“I really enjoyed the entire course!! very informative and simplified. Thank you”


“Absolutely LIFE CHANGING --- so much of my professional life has been hampered by not understanding WORD, this instructor was awesome ... loved her level of detail and clarity and pace ! ”

Melisa Dion Johnson

“This is a great course and Andy Lanning is a wonderful teacher. Highly recommended!”