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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Word - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Word - Basic & Advanced course:

“Very informative. I like the instructor.”

Sarah Levis

“Very interesting and educational, it has open up Word to me and I am already utilizing my new found skills at Work!”

Errol Taitt

“Good course, pretty helpful!”

Anonymous user

“This has been an awesome way for me to increase my knowledge of Microsoft Word, my self confidence, and gain some much needed office training.”


“Very condensed, effective, and the presenter was enjoyable. She said "thank you" after every clip and it was a morale booster :D”

Gabriel Gray

“Very Informative!”

Anonymous user

“It was beyond amazing. I couldn't have found any other program, where everything is articulated so clearly,in just Four to Five minute lessons. This all in addition to another great advantage of being able to master the skills most needed to succeed at my very own pace. I"m confident that this will help me in my pursuit of finding a employment focused on editing and publishing. Sincere Thanks, Moshe Lieberman ”

Anonymous user

“Since I have started this course I have learned a lot of useful information that has helped me in both school and work.”

Charles Bradley Knibbs

“GReat course to see the pull power of Word”

Bob King

“I love the tutorial training. ”

Venesa M. Mendez

“I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot.”


“This was a fun and easy way to learn Microsoft Word on your own time. :)”

Lorri Lynne Jensen

“The instructor related the lessons in a way that was easy to understand without over-explaining the concepts. The quizzes were not too difficult or easy, and the final related to the prior quizzes. For a beginner computer course, this was a good start for me to attempt.”

Niall O'Neill

“The whole leaning experience has been phenomenal...I never knew that we could do so many things in MS word...Highly recommended for every professional to learn the nuances of MS word...Thanks GoSkills ..”


“Awesome! I loved it!”

Susan Marchitti

“The best online course I have completed!!”

Anonymous user

“Great course. Even though I have fairly good skills, I learned A LOT of new things. Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you!”

Chelsea Seiller

“Very educating. I loved it.”

Nathania Williams

“Awesome and cool!!!!”

Eeshwar Rupakula

“I found this to be an excellent course - I am already a user of Microsoft Word but really need to refresh and brush up my skills.”

Linda Teagle