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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Word 365 - Basic & Advanced

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Word 365 - Basic & Advanced course:

“I'm so glad I was introduced to this course.”


“Brought me so much.”

Jeff Eaton

“I was a great course and I discovered so many shortcuts I wish I would have known a long time ago.”

Lynne L Cassidy

“Great course!! Really enjoyed it! It made me more confident using the tools.”

Vanessa Perrin

“Great course. I loved the short videos.”

Vivian Epinger

“Great course! Easy to follow and clear instructions.”

Tanya M. Torline

“Lots of great tips and information”

Vanessa Greening

“Excellent course, I learned a lot. Very easy to follow along. ”


“I learned so much about Word that I didn't know before even though I've used Word for years. It is actually amazing what all Word can do. This was definitely worth my time.”

Angela Kaye Porter

“I learned so much from this course! The videos are short, yet you get thorough detailed step by step instructions on how to work every aspect of Microsoft Word along with tips, tricks and shortcuts. ”

Danae Grant

“Very good information in this course.”

Yapo, Michael





“interesting course”

Dana Bakhytzhanova

“Recommend it ”

Shahad Alseedi

“Very explanatory and the trainer is great!”

Supriya Pillai



“Excellent course! Easy to listen to and fun to follow :)”

Rachelle Roubos

“Very informative. I was generally good at MS Word, but there are so many additional skills and shortcuts I learnt by taking this course.”

Ashia Forde

“learn a lot in my convenient time. ”

Serawit Tenkessa