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“The course was very comprehensive and covered the topics as I expected and the learning level was just right. I would gladly watch other courses by this author. The video and audio quality is excellent. The exercises files were very helpful and are key to learn more by doing instead of just watching. I was able to apply everything learned in this course at work and is amazing that Power Query was the only tool that can make that happen. ”

Zulaika Gonzalez

“Another excellent course! Clear and concise.”


“Great for the beginner! Clear explanation and easy to follow.”

Pebhe Xarhisma Utami

“I was in tears during some of the sessions! Absolute essential for anyone dealing with Excel”

Spyros Kalykakis


Dooheon Bill Ghim

“I´ve gained many skills! Thank you!”

Luis Huete de la Puerta


Rafael A. Vasquez