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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Excel - Power Query

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Excel - Power Query course:

“This training is great! It rewarded me with instant respect from my colleagues and newly added benefits and reports for the team. ”

Rafael Borges

“I liked the quizzes. Though some were easy, some, admittedly, made me think. ”


“really useful content, i like that you can change the speeds”

Ericka O'Grady

“This is by far the best course I've taken so far and the one which will be most useful in some of my day-to-day tasks. Kudos to Ken for such an outstanding course and to GoSkills for providing it!”


“Best tool for transforming and organizing data before is put together! Great course and very clear facilitator. Thank you”


“Great course! I am currently using all I've learned. Kudos!”

Edgar Miguel Carías Santamaría

“Awesome course! Thank you”

Ryan Coghill

“Comprehensive lessons, beneficial if you want to master the power query.”

Omer Habib

“ A well-organized course with increasing difficulty level, providing numerous opportunities to practice hands-on tasks throughout its duration.”


“Nice Course”


“Well-organized materials, easy to use, and a lot of practice.”

Ella Kazantseva

“Very informative.”



Rafael A. Vasquez

“I´ve gained many skills! Thank you!”

Luis Huete de la Puerta

“Ken Puls is an amazing instructor and I recommend all of his courses if you are working with Excel or large datasets on a regular basis. Very easy to follow and apply to real life scenarios. Thanks!!”

Savannah Hauck

“Excellent course!”

Amanda Williamson

“Excellent course! Thank you!”

Elizaveta Ewens

“excellent course. good pacing and examples. most impactful when you do the examples at the same time”

Remy Druker

“Great educational training ”

Lori Belanger

“this course was very helpful.”

DeAnna Hanssen