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GoSkills reviews – Microsoft Outlook 365

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Microsoft Outlook 365 course:

“gave me new insight as to what can be done and the easiest way to do it”

Amanda Joe Ross

“Good course. Helpful.”

Alexia Amaris Suite



“Didn't know these went that deep. very informative ”

Rene'e Freeman

“clear and well explained”

Carolyne Ambani

“it was good ”


“The instructor, Andy Lanning, presented the easy to comprehend material in a straightforward, friendly manner.”

Mark Joseph Vaz

“Instructor was very entertaining and could keep my attention ”


“great input”


“Well detailed, explained questions including the tutorials. Excellent work, looking forward to completing more courses with GoSkills!”

Rydal Kast

“Everything was easy to understand overall. Anything that wasn't could just be viewed again. Thank you for the course! ”

Allen "Sharky" Moore

“This was very helpful in learning how to use outlook more efficiently. ”

Kami Koyle

“Great Teacher!”

Ashley Tipton

“Very helpful ”

Kirsten Tarnowski

“Lots of features I would not have otherwise known about.”

Kirsti Pickard

“Great teaching by Andy. Quick, fast, and to the point! Thank you”

Samantha Cheong Yu Zhen

“Very direct, easily understood lessons on how to successfully navigate through Microsoft Outlook. I will definitely recommend this course to anybody who needs to learn this application!”

Ginger Louisa Griffin

“Great course. Very informative I learned tons of great tips and tricks to help keep out look organized. ”

Locky Smith

“Loved this course and learning all the things I never would have thought to use!”

Kaitlyn McGinnis

“Interesting and i have learnt a lot.”

Mohd Shahril Bin Md Yunos