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GoSkills reviews – Conflict Resolution for Professionals

Course reviews

Here’s what others are saying about the Conflict Resolution for Professionals course:

“Very simple and easily understandable.”



Michelle Noda

“The information was useful and practical, the presenter was easy to follow. I look forward to implementing these suggestions for conflict resolution.”

Nadia Danielle Chapman

“Easy to follow but very informative. ”

Jade Kyrie Joseph

“Great course!”

Maxine Keys

“Very useful for all types of work environments.”

Robert Ortiz

“Very practical advice presented succinctly”

Berthia Nickson

“Very informative ! Great Course.”


“It was really informative! Thank you for the course!”

Varvara Pavlova

“I not only found this course empowering but also therapeutic.”

SPC Ernest Kofi Antwi Jr., B.S.

“great info, very helpful”

Althea Baptiste

“Very comprehensive. ”

Gisellyn Simon

“Good course..”


“Good course. Very informative.”

Mohammed Shueb Ali

“It was very informative I enjoyed it.”


“This lesson was very helpful. We are rarely taught conflict resolution and tend to learn so form of a coping mechanism when it comes to conflicts . Thank you for such an insightful lesson. ”


“Very Informative”

Jonathan Dennie

“Informative and realistic approach”

Micheline D. Coley

“Great learning experience ”


“This course will help me develop my conflict resolution skills in the future whenever conflicts present themselves!!”

Joshua Joy